New Year. New Truck. New Opportunity.

Followers of Spotlight News are no doubt familiar with Steve Glisson, a successful fleet owner we’ve featured several times over the years. He’s signed on with FedEx as his carrier, and has built a fleet of six trucks. Read more of his story here and here.

Trying It Before Buying It Pays Off

How many times have you had the opportunity to try out an Expediting truck, or even try out the Expediting business before making a commitment? Chances are, you haven’t — unless you’ve taken Expediter Services’ up on their “Try it Before You Buy” It offer. This edition of Spotlight News tells the story of how Terence Paul became a Contract Driver at ES who took the Path to Ownership. As you’ll see, he tried it and he liked it, becoming a new truck owner in the process!

Women in Expediting: Starr Hill. The Follow Up.

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You may recall in a recent issue of Spotlight News, we spoke with the husband and wife team of Randy and Starr Hill, an independent contractor expediting team, who leveraged Expediter Services opportunities, programs, and equipment to build a successful business. Read more here. As their earlier story unfolded, it became clear that Starr had overcome a number of hurdles set forth by the DOT, Carriers, and the industry at large, with perseverance, planning and help from ES.

No CDL. No Problem.

In the world of science, there’s a principle know as Occam’s Razor: the easiest solution to a problem is usually the best. This rule can also be applied to Expediting. Just ask Independent Contractors Randy and Starr Hill, a husband and wife team who found a simple solution to a big problem, with help from Expediter Services.

A New Straight Truck & More Opportunity

It seems that everyday, more and more people are discovering the advantages of the Expediting lifestyle. Not only is it a great way to make a living, it’s also a terrific way for a husband and wife team (or anyone for that matter) to spend time together, traveling the country in the comfortable accommodations offered by a quality straight truck. And that’s just what Charles “Chuck” Drobneck and his wife and driving partner Angie decided to do, with a little help from Expediter Equipment Finance and Expediter Truck Sales.