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Powered By ES, a leader in ownership opportunities and capacity solutions within the trucking industry, the Success In Trucking Podcast offers helpful insights and valuable perspectives for owner-operators, independent contract drivers, fleet owners and aspiring trucking entrepreneurs. Along with the latest news and happenings from ES, our podcast also features interviews with industry experts as well as perspectives from members of the ES community. Our podcast provides ES Community members the opportunity to share their experiences from the road along with their own Success In Trucking stories.

NTI’s Leah Shaver Discusses 2024 Trucking Market Prospects

Leah Shaver, the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, joins us for this edition of the podcast. Leah will be hosting the IN-SITE Webinar from ES on March 5 and she will also be a featured expert at the upcoming Success In Trucking Engagement (SITE 2024) from ES. In this interview, you’ll hear Leah’s perspective on the trucking market in 2024 as well as many other topics of interest for professional drivers.

Countdown To SITE 2024: Our Conversation With Danny Vernon

As we begin the countdown to the SITE 2024, we are featuring a conversation with Danny Vernon, the Director of Truck Sales and Finance at ES. As you will hear, Danny will share his perspective on the trends in the truck market and the opportunities that are available through the ES Community.

A Conversation With Jason Williams, President and CEO of Expediter Services

In this episode of the podcast, we will feature an in-depth conversation with Jason Williams, the President and CEO of Expediter Services. Our conversation with Jason focuses on the wide range of services available to the members of the ES Community. You’ll hear Jason discuss how he and the team at ES go through the process of evaluating new services to bring into the ES Community. Jason also notes the addition of telemedicine, a prescription drug card and identity theft protection as services coming to the ES Community.

Meet Allen Fisher from the ES Team

As we continue our series of episodes introducing you to the members of the ES Service Coordinator Team, we will be spending some time getting to know Allen Fisher. As you’ll hear, Allen has a depth of experience within the trucking industry and he has a passion for helping the members of the ES Community.

Meet Colby Lynch From The ES Team

We recently spent some time getting to know Colby Lynch from the ES Team. As you will hear, Colby discussed his role as a service provider, the advantages the team brings to the table for owner-operators and fleet owners and what he has learned over the past five years with ES.

Exploring Health Insurance & Options Available To The ES Community

Jeff Reese from the ES Team conducted an interview with Greg Hellmich, who is the point of contact for ES Community members requesting information about the health insurance offerings available through

Jeff Tacker Discusses The Importance of Supporting Veteran’s Programs

With Veteran’s Day just a few weeks away, we caught up with Jeff Tacker from the ES Leadership Team to discuss the importance of honoring our military veterans and how ES is working to support initiatives that are focused on assisting veterans.

Jean & David Cryer

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast, we get to know Jean and David Cryer. You’ll hear how they found the trucking industry through a suggestion by their daughter. You’ll also hear how they became a part of the ES Community by discovering the opportunities available through the non-traditional lease-purchase program from ES and Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest).

Going In-Depth With David King On

In this episode of the Success In Trucking Podcast, we’ll meet David King, who is part of the team that has worked with ES to develop David is a trucking industry veteran and he’s watched the difference that the opportunities and programs from ES have been making in the trucking industry for many years. As you’ll hear, David shares his long admiration for the ES Community. A major portion of the interview features David discussing the advantages that are now available through the insurance offerings that can be accessed with

Talking Truck Financing With Steve Kochensparger & Roger Beck

In this episode, we’ll visit with Steve Kochensparger and Roger Beck, who part of the ES Community. As you’ll hear, Steve and Roger have a background in finance and working with professional drivers to secure loans for truck purchases. For over a decade, Steve’s company has been working with the ES Team. Both Steve and Roger will be at the ES booth during this year’s Expedite Expo.

Jason Williams Looks Back At The Origins Of The IN-SITE Dinner At the Expo

For the conclusion of our two-part interview with ES Co-Founder and CEO Jason Williams, we ask Jason to look back at the early days of the Expedite Expo for ES. Jason recalls how the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo first got its start and he discusses the importance of being able to spend time with folks attending the Expo and the IN-SITE Dinner.

Jason Williams Discusses 2023 Market Conditions

In Part 1 of our two-episode conversation with Expediter Services Co-Founder and CEO Jason Williams, we’ll hear Jason’s observations on the market conditions that have taken shape within the trucking industry during the first half of 2023. Jason also discusses how ES has responded to the challenges in today’s trucking market as well as how the services and support provided from the ES Community continue to help the business growth for members of the ES Community.

Catching Up With Leah Shaver, Part 2

In this edition of the podcast, we will be bringing you Part 2 of our conversation with Leah Shaver, the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute. You’ll hear Leah discuss the IN-SITE Dinner and some of the directions she plans to take for her time as a speaker at the event. We also talk about her recent interview with the Director of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In the final section of the podcast, we talk about being a first-year Mom and her son’s first birthday.

Bobbi Leach & Kelly Faller Discuss What to Expect at The Expedite Expo & IN-SITE Dinner

Bobbi Leach, Director of Communications, and Kelly Faller, who is an integral part of the sales team at ES, continue the conversation about what to expect at the Expedite Expo & IN-SITE Dinner July 21st in Fort Wayne, IN. They discuss all the preparation that’s taken place for the Expo, what attendees can anticipate at the IN-SITE Dinner including the agenda, swag bags, and giveaways, as well as how to register for the event.

Leah Shaver Discusses 2023 Trucking Trends & Expedite Expo

Leah Shaver, the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute, will be our guest as we begin our countdown to the annual Expedite Expo with a special series of interviews. Leah is well respected as a go-to resource on issues related to the quality of life for professional drivers. In Part 1 of our two-part conversation with Leah, we’ll get Leah’s take on what’s happening within the industry as we approach the halfway point in 2023. We’ll also talk to Leah about making her first-ever trip to the Expedite Expo coming up in July.

Meet DeShawn Henry & Russell Jones

Russell Jones and DeShawn Henry shine in this Spotlight On Success episode of the podcast. Russell and DeShawn spend time with us discussing how they changed the direction of their careers and discovered that trucking provided the freedom and flexibility they wanted in their lives. Russell and DeShawn also share how they found the ES Community and how the ES Path To Ownership program has allowed them to reach a new level of Success In Trucking.

Meet Jennifer and Marcus Collier

With this Spotlight On Success episode, you’ll hear the story of Jennifer and Marcus Collier. They will discuss their journey within the trucking industry, including how they found each other and how they found their opportunity to realize the dream of truck ownership through the ES Community.

Meet Cheryl and Andrew Anderson

Cheryl and Andrew Anderson are the focus of this Spotlight On Success episode. We share how they joined the trucking industry and they utilized the Path To Ownership program at ES to realize a dream of starting their own small trucking business. Cheryl is part of the Women-Owned Business initiative that ES developed in collaboration with the Women In Trucking Association.

Meet Michelle and Gary Piatt

In this Spotlight On Success edition of the podcast, we will meet Michelle and Gary Piatt, who found a home within the ES Community back in 2011. During our interview, Michelle and Gary discuss how they entered trucking as a second career and how they maximized their Success In Trucking through the programs and support offered by ES.

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