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The fleet management programs and services available to Fleet Owners who are a part of the ES Community are focused on helping trucking businesses succeed and grow. Our fleet management services have proven systems and processes in place that help Fleet Owners save money, become more efficient and maximize their profitability.

Unlike other fleet management companies, we have programs available at ES that are designed to assist existing fleet owners, and we have offerings that work very well for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their fleet as well as their business from the ground up. Our fleet management experts also have considerable experience working with owner-operators who are seeking to expand their business operation and grow their own fleets. If you’re a fleet owner, Click to learn more about how ES can support your business.


Cutting Edge Support Services

Over our many years of service, ES has established a cutting-edge set of support services and vendor network options that are unmatched in the trucking industry. Our fleet management team works with the fleet owners in the ES Community to help them maximize their profitability as business owners.

The systems that we have put into place are designed to help fleet owners become more efficient, save money and make the most out of every opportunity. Through the ES Community we separate ourselves from other fleet management companies. We have established the kind of strength and depth of service offerings and vendor relationships that allows ES to negotiate deep discounts with our suppliers and service providers. We have built our programs with our participants’ needs in mind. The way we have structured our program puts money in your pocket as a business owner by leveraging the strength of the overall ES Community.

ES works with the fleet owners in our program to match them with the ES carrier partner that best fits the goals for that particular business. ES offers fleet owners in the ES Community strong buying power, including equipment. When it comes to fleet management companies, no one does it better.

Fleet owners within the ES Community who are looking to upgrade or expand their fleet have access to well-maintained, late-model new and used tractors and used straight trucks via our truck sales division. When it comes to equipment upgrades and fleet expansion, ES Community fleet owners also have access to competitive market-rate financing. ES has its own financing service, which has established ES as a relationship lender. The financing model that ES has built places an emphasis on aptitude, attitude and work ethic while also considering a person’s credit score.

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One of the other strong benefits for fleet owners within the ES Community is the access to discounts and comprehensive support services that are offered through the ES vendor network. ES features one of the industry’s best fuel discount programs, and fleet owners also have access to repair and maintenance coverage as well as insurance options and back-office support.

Just as ES does with independent contract drivers and owner-operators, every fleet owner in the ES Community has an ES Service Coordinator as a primary point of contact. Our fleet management services provide 24-hour coverage with roadside assistance. Our Fleet Management Service Coordinators are part of our commitment to placing your trucking business in the position to succeed. We offer fleet owners information on freight lanes, and we serve as a liaison with the carrier partners in the ES Community.

Our professionals have the experience to work with you when you are considering decisions and purchases that affect your bottom line. Our ES Team audits each invoice to make sure that anything you negotiated, including price, miles, pick-up and delivery time, detention, and other key metrics, matches what is paid. If you are a fleet owner, we provide the best fleet management services in the industry today.

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