Women In Trucking

Opening the doors of opportunity for women and other underserved groups is one of the areas where ES has dedicated time, effort and resources toward making a difference. Over the years, ES has partnered with industry-leading groups, including the Women In Trucking Association, on initiatives that are focused on promoting the creation of opportunities for women within the trucking industry.

When you look inside the ES Community and the participants in our programs, we are thrilled to know that nearly 40 percent of the members of the ES Community are women – entrepreneurs who have embraced the opportunities that exist within the trucking industry.

In August 2022, ES celebrated launching and growing 150 women-owned businesses as part of the initial goal of the 150 Business Challenge. Given the program’s success, the leadership at ES made the decision to continue this important work as the Women-Owned Business Initiative from ES.

The Women-Owned Business Initiative will continue to utilize the company’s Path To Ownership model, which includes matching program participants with the participating carriers in the ES Community as well as offering competitive market-rate financing and relationship lending through ES Equipment Finance.

The commitment that ES has made to helping create women-owned businesses in the trucking industry may have been summed up best by Women In Trucking Association founder Ellen Voie, who observed: “I believe it’s in the DNA of ES to help women become truck owners and start businesses in the trucking industry. The success of the 150 Business Challenge proved that, and we are excited to see where ES can take this initiative as they continue to promote opportunities for women in the future.”

ES is a Proud Member of the Women In Trucking Association
Ellen Voie, Founder, Women In Trucking Association

How ES Provides Opportunities for Women In Trucking

As part of the program, ES offers the Women-Owned Business Initiative participants competitive market-rate financing through the relationship lending model the company has established through ES Equipment Finance. The program is designed to have the participants run under the authority of the motor carriers participating in the program through the ES Community utilizing the company’s Path To Ownership program model.

Truck ownership is typically achieved over a four-year period with an affordable payment plan and with program participants receiving consistent miles from the participating carriers as well as business support via ES Management Services including:

• Assigned service coordinator
• Fuel discount card
• Discounts on shop and tires
• Insurance coverage
• Operational assistance
• Back-office support
• Business planning assistance
• Safety training

Powerful Partnerships

Forward Air, FedEx Custom Critical and Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest, were the first carriers within the ES Community to utilize the non-asset capacity being generated by the Women-Owned Business Initiative. The program provides strong benefits for the participating carriers – offering them non-asset capacity committed to their respective fleets. These new women-owned businesses, in turn, benefit from the expertise of these large carriers and support of ES with the ability to generate strong, consistent revenues, and this is especially true for team operations.


What is the Advantage of Driving Expedited?

The expedited transit segment of the trucking industry offers women interested in pursuing a career in trucking several advantages that allow for steady income and a solid career track. Those advantages include:

  • Qualifying for credentials, such as HazMat, Passport, and DOD certifications, creating career-long enhanced income opportunities.
  • Being involved in freight moves that are 99% no-touch assignments.
  • Straight trucks and OTR vehicles in the ES Network feature automatic transmissions, meaning less fatigue.
  • Rather than truck stops, rest areas or other places with limited parking and security, women driving straight trucks can park practically anywhere, including malls, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds and other locations that can enhance your safety and help with life on the road.
  • Enjoy a high level of flexibility in your schedule while getting a taste for the demands of the trucking industry.

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