Spotlight on Success

Jean and David Cryer

Spotlight On Success: Jean and David Cryer

When you see someone that is living a full and adventurous life, you have to take a moment to pause and soak in a little of their wisdom and their experience. For Jean and David Cryer, adventure has been part of their lives over the course of their 32-year marriage. Running their own business within…


DeShawn Henry and Russell Jones

Spotlight On Success: DeShawn Henry and Russell Jones

“More control and less stress” probably aren’t the first two things that come to mind when someone mentions becoming a first-time owner-operator. However, for DeShawn Henry and Russell Jones, these were the catalysts that have pushed them from day one. Their story, like so many within the ES community, is one of perseverance and they…


Jennifer and Marcus Collier

Spotlight On Success: Jennifer and Marcus Collier

Commitment and consistency, two hallmarks of marriage, are also keys to becoming both a team driver and an owner-operator. Commitment and consistency are also two of the first words that came to mind when we were talking with Jennifer and Marcus Collier about how they met, teamed up, eventually married, and finally found their way…


Spotlight On Success: Cheryl and Andrew Anderson

Attitude, aptitude, and work ethic are cornerstones of the ES Community, and they are the pillars that Cheryl and Andrew Anderson have built their trucking company upon. The Andersons are proof that having a solid foundation for your business, a little know-how, and a strong support system can LIFT you up for success. Cheryl and…


Michell & Gary Piatt

Spotlight On Success: Michelle & Gary Piatt Find A Home In The ES Community

Editor’s Note: ES is launching Spotlight On Success, a monthly series that will be spotlighting ES Community members and their Success In Trucking stories. As they began to examine options that would move them closer to family, Michelle and Gary Piatt discovered not only a place to call home, but a true community with the…


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