ES Management Services

ES Management Services provides trucking business owners with a broad scope of options, benefits, services, and advantages, all designed to help your operation become more efficient and more profitable.

Through ES Management Services you will have access to the following:

  • A credit-based fuel card
  • Experienced Service Coordinator liaisons who can assist you and serve as needed as a single point of contact between the contractor and the motor carrier
  • Operational assistance, including recommendations on load analysis and how to best utilize your equipment.  
  • Back-Office support, including processing and auditing weekly settlements for your business
  • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline
  • Industry-leading fuel discounts
  • Discounts on repair and maintenance (includes shop and tires)
  • Low-cost premiums for expanded Insurance coverage
  • Ongoing safety training

“Quite frankly, you need to look at what ES has to offer. If you are someone who has ever had a thought about owning your own truck, you need to talk with ES. My husband, Ken, and I have been out here on the road a long time, and we’ve been a part of other programs that offer the opportunity to become an owner-operator.

Like a lot of people in this industry, we struggled hard in those programs. ES is totally different. ES has your back and they stand beside you from the first day in their program. There’s nothing out there in this industry like the program ES has put together. ES has dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s to provide you with a plan and the kind of support that you need to make sure that you are successful.”

Jessica Horn

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