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Founded in 2006, Expediter Services (ES) stands today as a leader in capacity solutions and ownership opportunities within the trucking industry. Throughout our history, ES has worked to serve a number of vital needs within the trucking industry in a variety of ways. For the motor carriers that are a part of the ES Community, we provide owner-operator and independent contract driver capacity that is committed to a specific motor carrier. For owner-operators, independent contract drivers, fleet owners and any aspiring entrepreneur who becomes a part of our ES Community, we provide a wide range of programs that deliver real truck ownership opportunities. We don’t stop at truck ownership. We are committed to standing alongside the participants in our programs, delivering a set of comprehensive support services to our ES Community members that are focused on assisting the men and women behind the wheel as they work to build and grow their businesses within the trucking industry.

While ES has grown through the years, we have remained focused on promoting and supporting the success of everyone who is a part of the ES Community. ES takes great pride in serving as a small-business generator within the trucking industry. We look at the trucking industry from the truck level upward. The success of the people behind the wheel, the business owners operating their trucks with our partner carriers, is directly tied to our success as a company.

Today, ES proudly stands as a full-service, one-stop support company with expertise in financial services, financial technology, relationship lending and general business support. ES features support in the areas of contract driver services, equipment financing and leasing, truck sales, management services, insurance services, and discount programs.

As we noted, ES has developed highly effective programs focused on creating opportunities for independent contract drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners in the trucking industry. We have established a strong track record of success in the Less-Than-Truckload and Truckload sectors, while serving as the leading provider of capacity in the Expedited sector of trucking.

ES Featured In North America Outlook Magazine

Jason Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Expediter Services, participated in an interview featured in North America Outlook Magazine. The article explores the history and future of ES, core business values, new initiatives, and how ES is well positioned to help our ES Community members to shine in times of uncertainty.

One of the many highlights is the work that ES has done to champion the growth of women-owned businesses in transportation as well as the importance of partnerships to the success of ES and the ES Community in the transportation industry.

You can read the feature article on ES and the ES Community through Spotlight News, by clicking here.

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