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The ES Advantage is a comprehensive discount and support program designed for owner-operators and small fleet owners to reduce costs and drive profits to YOUR bottom line.
ES has established an innovative approach to financing truck purchases. ES is a relationship lender. We look at your work history, aptitude and attitude as part of our process.
Joining the ES Community will connect you with industry-leading insurance solutions that are specifically designed to help owner-operators and small fleets.
When you become part of the ES Community, you will have access to our operational assistance and back-office support offerings that are focused on your success.
Our ES Community members have no-money-down access to the nation’s leading attorney provider network with 7,000 top-rated attorneys to protect your career.
ES values safety as a core principle, and our ES Community members have access to the latest safety information and ongoing education that are a part of our efforts to help deliver success behind the wheel.

Industry Leading Discounts

Fuel, shop, tires, insurance, and more!

  • Save an average of $0.55 per gallon on diesel purchases at over 1,000 fueling locations nationwide and pay cash price at over 14,000 truck stops within the fuel network.
  • Receive a below-market hourly rate for repairs and significant discounts for PM’s and oil changes at major truck stop chains.
  • Tire savings up to $135 off retail price per tire.
  • Gain access to affordable insurance rates including physical damage, non-trucking liability, occupational-accident, and workers compensation coverages.
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New To The Trucking Industry?

Do you want to explore the possibilities in the trucking industry? If the trucking industry is calling you, ES can help you find the path that will deliver the best fit and open the doors on a rewarding and life-changing career.

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Start Your Own Business!

Have you dreamed about starting your own trucking business? ES has the programs and an extensive community of support that will allow you to realize your dreams and find greater levels of Success In Trucking.

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Existing Owner-Operators…

Are you currently an owner-operator? Are you looking to grow your operation? ES has helped countless owner-operators build and grow their operations. Our offerings are designed to assist owner-operators become more efficient and more profitable.

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Community of Success

Our services drive profits to the truck

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All You Need to Start or Grow Your Fleet

Rental/Leasing Programs

ES has established a low-risk, try before you buy program that allows you to move to full-on ownership.


ES offers financing on truck purchases at a competitive market rates with a focus on a person’s work history, work ethic and aptitude for the trucking industry.

Truck Sales

ES has a division dedicated to truck sales. We work with some of the largest truck dealerships in the country, providing strong access to both straight trucks and Class 8 tractors.

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Client and Community Support

We are very proud and stand by every service we provide! Read testimonials from our happy customers. View All.

I’ve had a good experience, especially since coming on board with ES. Being a truck owner has its own challenges compared to being a company driver. You have more responsibility, but you also have much more opportunity and the rewards are that much greater. That’s why it’s important to have someone standing in your corner with you, like the ES team. It also means a lot to me that ES backs women in this industry with the 150 Business Challenge, helping to encourage more women-owned businesses in trucking.
Zakiya Simmons
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We had a lot of support from the ES team. There was a lot to learn and we had a great deal of questions. One of the things we learned was to listen to the advice from our Service Coordinator about loads, maintenance and many other aspects of running a successful expediting business. We soon found out that by following their proven strategies and working hard, you have a great opportunity to build a profitable business.
Blair Seigle
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Transportation gives you the opportunity to travel and experience things you would never get to do in a more sedentary occupation. I always tell women who want to get into transportation to keep an open mind. It’s not a business for everyone, but there is so much opportunity for women. I’m grateful that ES supports women-owned businesses with the 150 Women-Owned Business Challenge. Women should know that there are real careers to be made in the trucking field. I like the fact that ES is flexible with their Path To Ownership and lets us qualify for a truck using available data from the motor carrier that is provided to ES Equipment Finance. Our long-term plan is to add more trucks to our fleet in the future. The PTO program makes the process easy and streamlined and we know what we’re getting. It’s a great opportunity to start our fleet off on the right foot.
Valerie & Jeffrey Welborn
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When I first heard about the ES Advantage Program, I was a little skeptical. Then I talked to the team at ES and I came away from that conversation wanting to give it a try. And I’m glad that I decided to try the ES Advantage. The program has given me the savings that ES promised and more. It’s definitely worth it, and I learned first-hand that you can trust what ES tells you.
Deb Carter
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ES has become a key resource for our company. They don’t shy away from the tough conversations that you sometimes have to have as a business owner in this industry. We have learned a lot over the years from the team at ES, and we’ve grown as a company in part because we have an open line of communication with ES. They are able to offer us a fresh perspective, and what they have shared with us has helped in allowing our business to grow responsibly.
Patrick Lee
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Through the COVID pandemic, ES, as they always have, stood by us. ES was great about providing advice and resources. We got detailed information on PPP and the other programs that were able for small businesses. The company provided ES Community members with the option to have deferred payments on the trucks financed through ES. ES really came through for all of us. When ES says, You Never Stand Alone, they are true to their word.
Jackie Rocha
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ES has become a valued business partner, and they have helped me become more successful as a business owner. The discounts ES provides are some of the best in the trucking industry. The support they offer to me and to everyone in their program is first-rate. I can walk into (ES President) Jason Williams’ office and ask him a question. He will take the time to listen and to get me with the right people who can address what I need. ES backs up what they tell you and they truly care about your success as a business owner. They have been there when I have needed them, and that’s the way they work with everyone in their program. If ES had been in business and with the program they have today back when I started, it would have been incredible. It’s been a long road to get to where I am today.
Donna Sleasman
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I must say that I have dealt with a couple of other companies within the trucking industry, and there’s a different atmosphere around ES. They always make you feel welcome. Plus, the programs they have in place for fuel, maintenance, insurance and business support, for example, really make a difference for those of us who are running a business while we are out on the road. I’ve been working with the ES team now for about the last year and a half, and one of the greatest things about is ES is that they are true to their word. I am very grateful for the help and the advice they have provided for me. Anytime that I’ve a question they have helped me in finding the answer.
Jaco Nel
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At first, we were skeptical because it looked like one of those too-good-to-be-true deals that you see in this industry. But, as we looked further into the program and as we got to know the people at ES, we could see that ES would be invested in our success,” observed Amy. “We moved ahead and ES checked our credit, which wasn’t great at that point. But, as we learned, ES doesn’t just go by what your credit score is. They look at your work ethic. They look at the working relationship that you have built your carrier. They also look at what type of person you are. For us, it was great because ES went beyond looking at a credit score that is on a piece of paper. They looked at the whole picture. That was a huge help for us.
Amy Williams
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While it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow or down the road, we do know this: We do have great partners in ES and FedEx Custom Critical. They both have shown over the years that they will stand by our business. They are invested in our success. As we look at things down the road, I’ve been able to talk to the team at ES about what’s happening in the industry, and what they see that’s ahead in the industry. Being able to have those kinds of conversations and being able to have access to that kind of expertise is a big deal.
Joe Shelton
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We really do feel like we have drawn a winning hand. You can’t beat the support you receive from ES and Forward Air. I talk to people all the time about the discounts and the services that are available through ES. Like they say, ES will never let you stand alone. When someone asks me about our experience, I will tell them to check out ES. If you want to be a successful truck owner, ES is the way to go. If you are willing to do the hard work, ES will help you become a success as a business owner in this industry.
Danny Cobb
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Quite frankly, you need to look at what ES has to offer. If you are someone who has ever had a thought about owning your own truck, you need to talk with ES. My husband, Ken, and I have been out here on the road a long time, and we’ve been a part of other programs that offer the opportunity to become an owner-operator. Like a lot of people in this industry, we struggled hard in those programs. ES is totally different. ES has your back and they stand beside you from the first day in their program. There’s nothing out there in this industry like the program ES has put together. ES has dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s to provide you with a plan and the kind of support that you need to make sure that you are successful.
Jessica Horn
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