Our ES Community members have no-money-down access to TVC Pro Driver, the nation’s leading attorney provider network with 7,000 top-rated attorneys to protect your career.

Access is Everything

TVC Pro Driver specializes in a number of key legal areas for professional drivers, including…

  • Moving, Non-moving and Serious Violations
  • Pre-existing Commercial Citations
  • CSA/DataQ Challenges
  • Cash appearance & Police Bail Bond
  • ES Community members will receive 25 percent off
    provider network attorney fees for other legal matters

We Get it!

At ES, we work to cover all the bases for the people and small businesses accessing our services and programs. Just like having strong insurance coverage in place, it’s vital for owner-operators, independent contract drivers and fleet owners to have access to legal professionals who understand trucking.


Keeping your career secure

ES has partnered with TVC Pro Driver. As an industry leader and pioneer for more than 30 years, few companies know as much about truck drivers and what they need to succeed on and off the road than TVC Pro-Driver. The team at TVC Pro Driver has the expertise to help trucking professionals safeguard their careers with nationwide CDL legal protection.

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