New Truck. New Year. New Path to Success.

Seventeenth century English philosopher John Locke once said, “As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears.” If you translate this into modern Expediting terminology it would read: “As people are driving all the time, on the same road, a Path to Ownership appears.” And that’s where we begin this issue of Expediter Spotlight, highlighting Ivan and Varina Rainbolt’s path to truck ownership with help from Expediter Services.

When the Timing is Right, You know It

For twenty years, Rubin Teodosiu has been a trucker. About eight years ago, he knew the time was right to steer his driving career into something with a better lifestyle, income potential and opportunity. In case you haven’t already guessed, he chose Expediting, and he hasn’t looked back since.

It’s All about the Planning

This week’s Spotlight News caught up with new truck owners Tom MacDermott, and his wife and driving partner Hope, in Maine delivering parts to a windmill factory. Their Expediting journey has brought them a long way from starting out as contract drivers with Expediter Services, signed on with FedEx Custom Critical in 2013.

Six Trucks and Growing

One of the great things about Spotlight News, is that we get to know Expediters on a long-term and even an intimate basis. We then have the privilege of sharing their stories about what works to make their businesses successful or more importantly, what doesn’t work. Either way, you get to learn from their experience.

Ready, Steady, Grow!

Padriaca and Cindy Chau Prude are no strangers to Spotlight News. We’ve been spotlighting their success since they bought their first pre-owned expediting truck (a 2008 Kenworth) from Expediter Truck Sales back in August of 2013 (read their earlier stories here and here). Since then, they have purchased two additional trucks from ETS, making them fleet owners with a purpose.