Opportunity Has No Borders

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or even your background. Opportunity is a universal concept that brings out the best in people.
As proof of this principle, Spotlight News shines the light on Willy Cordosa and his father Adilton dos Santos, two men who came to this country from Brazil looking for opportunity and finding it in Expediting. “Our family came to the U.S. thirty four years ago after getting a green card. I had worked a number of jobs over the years, my most recent job was delivering pizza and cooking. I’m excited at the opportunity to start my own Expediting business,” said Willy.

Contractors Doing What They Do Best: Driving!

Everett and Shirley Elder Hooker’s journey to becoming professional Contract Drivers began about the time of the economic down turn in 2008. They had recently moved to Louisiana from Florida, but work was scarce. It was then that they set their sights on Expediting. They signed on with Panther Expedite and began driving for an owner. This opportunity lasted about three years, and according to Shirley, their situation wasn’t ideal, to say the least. “Our carrier began going through some changes at that time and the owner we worked for was very unprofessional. To say he wasn’t a very nice person was an understatement. We knew it was time to make a change.”

Women in Expediting: Lilza Gloria

This week, we take another look at Women in Expediting by visiting with Lilza Gloria, whose husband Ray, was the focus of a recent Spotlight News article. (read story here)

Ray Gloria: Speaking Candidly about Upgrading, Finance and Expediting

You may recall in an earlier edition of Spotlight News we spoke with former Contractors Ed and Susan Petersen about their recent decision to become Owner Operators with their purchase of a used 2015 Cascadia from friends and fellow Expediters Ray and Lilza Gloria. As promised, we’re back to talk with Ray about upgrading and financing equipment, and his take on why now is a good time to purchase a new truck in anticipation of an uptick in freight and the economy in general.

NOW is the Right Time to Own a Truck

The things in life worth having most often revolve around hard work, opportunity, and timing — and the business of Expediting is now exception. Just ask Ed and Susan Petersen, a husband and wife FDCC White Glove/TVAL team who have recently taken the step of purchasing their own truck in order to fulfill their dream of working for themselves. The transition into truck ownership can be a big step, but according to Ed Petersen, the timing was right for them to become truck owners and take their Expediting business to a new level. Here’s their story in their own words.