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Women in Expediting: Linda Polk

July 6, 2016

Welcome to the latest installment of our online series Women in Expediting. As you may have noticed, a common thread runs throughout our stories: women are taking on the roles traditionally undertaken by men in the Expediting industry. They are not merely taking on these roles, they are becoming successful drivers and owners in the process. Women bring much needed talents and abilities to the industry that compliment the team environment, helping to insure success.

Women in Expediting: Bobbi Moore

June 7, 2016

As we continue to expand upon our series about “Women in Expediting”, Spotlight News is speaking with women to learn why they chose Expediting as a career, and how they cope with an industry that has been traditionally dominated by males. We are also exploring the strengths that women bring to the industry.

Women in Expediting: Donna Sleasman

May 18, 2016

As you’ll see, women enter into Expediting for different reasons. They also perform different tasks that suit their talents and tastes. Not all are drivers or owners. Some women prefer to take advantage of other opportunities that support and grow the company business, including recruiting, bookkeeping and freight management, to name a few. It is becoming even more clear that as women move into Expediting, their talents are needed and welcomed in the industry.

Taking the Path to a Second Career

March 17, 2016

If there’s a common thread that runs through every Spotlight News story, it’s the desire for people to own their own businesses and control their own futures. It doesn’t matter where these individuals start on their path, it’s where that path takes them and how they access the opportunities along the way. Mike and Cynthia Taylor are an expediting team who took Expediter Services’ Path to Ownership, and are now on their way to building a successful fleet.

Taking The Path to Ownership & Success

February 19, 2016

Everyone’s path in Expediting is different. But one thing is for certain, when you have vision, perseverance and the right opportunity, your path can take you as far as you want to go. Frank and Donna Smith are a husband and wife Expediting team who have taken the Path to Ownership with help from Expediter Services.

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