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Changing Your Family’s Future

Quite a lot has happened since Spotlight News last spoke with Jimmy and Bobbi Moore in October of 2014 (read their story here). Since then, their fleet and business has grown — with help from Expediter Services, and they’re now grooming their two young sons to become Expediters as the couple looks to the future.
When the Moores first made the leap as Owner Operators, they made a commitment to each other, their business and their family to do whatever it takes to one day make their dream of becoming successful fleet owners come true. “From the beginning, we as a family made the decision to do whatever it took to build our business to the point where I could stay home and manage the fleet. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but we were able to achieve our goal in less than two years. Also, ES was a major factor in helping our business grow in order to meet this goal,” said Moore.

The long hours and commitment have paid off as the Moores now have a fleet of eight trucks. “It’s so easy to buy and finance a truck through ES. I call Danny Vernon at Expediter Truck Sales and tell him what I want. I’m immediately put in touch with Expediter Equipment Finance, and about a week later the finance papers arrive. All I have to do is sign the papers, get them notarized and send them back to ES and I’m done! It truly is the easiest part about what I do. Soon afterwards, I place a team in the truck and we’re generating revenue.”

According to Moore, the right equipment also makes a difference when it comes to building and running a successful fleet. “Our very first truck was a Class 7, which I want to emphasize was NOT purchased from Expediter Services, was a disaster. It was trouble from the start, making it difficult to be profitable. But Bobbi and I were able to add a second truck to start building a fleet. Luckily, we found Expediter Truck Sales! Now, all of our trucks are 2013 & 14 Cascadias sourced from Expediter Services fleet. These trucks are incredible! I have one Cascadia with just over 600,000 miles and it is going strong with little to no maintenance issues. Expediter Services hit a home run when they spec’d these trucks. The trucks get great fuel mileage and they just run and run. I recommend these pre-owned trucks to anyone either driving or building a fleet.  They’re without a doubt the best value in the market today. We also have a ninth truck in the pipeline that should be ready by the time this article hits the internet.”
Jimmy and Bobbi continue to build and plan for the future — and they have a couple of young Expediters waiting in the wings to take the helm in the not too distant future. “Our sons just love Expediting! Joshua (10 years old), can tell you everything you would ever wanted to know about an expediting truck. Jimmy, Junior (15 years old), actually works for us and does our truck revenues every morning. They both are very involved, including acquisitions, how the trucks are running and practically every other aspect of the business. You name it and they are learning about it. I can’t tell you how important it is to be home and to be with them as they grow up. Expediting and Expediter Services helped us change the direction of our family’s future.”

And speaking of the future, Moore is already making cold hard plans for his fleet. “In 2016, we plan to add four more trucks. But this time, we’re looking to purchase at least one reefer unit, possibly more, and enter into White Glove service. Expediter Services is speccing and selling some great refrigerated units from their fleet and this represents a great opportunity for us. It’s great to be able to make real plans with a partner like Expediter Services.”

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