From Semi-retirement to Full-Time Owner Operators

The great thing about Expediting is the opportunities that are available to practically anyone. It doesn’t matter about your age, gender, or even your background. Expediting can help launch a first, second or even third career. This installment of Spotlight News shines the light on Dorr and Anne Tymon, a couple who’ve already had successful careers and love the road, but they weren’t quite ready to drive off into the sunset.

Taking the Path to Ownership — with a Twist

The decision to own your own truck varies from one person or team to the next. Sometimes, ownership is the result of the right circumstances and opportunity presenting itself at the right time. Others plan for truck ownership at the beginning of their Expediting career.

Riding The Iron Horse

A farmer and rancher by trade, Burkhalter compares his foray into Expediting to driving a tractor, sometimes called an “iron horse”. “My journey into Expediting has been slow and steady, just like riding an iron horse out in the bean fields. You begin at one end of a field and at the end of the day you’ve accomplished your goal.”

Building a Fleet One Step at a Time

As with most things in life, getting started is usually the hardest part — and Expediting is no exception. No matter what route you take, the road to success is a journey built one step at a time with valuable experience being gained along the way. Lynn Colebrook’s story of success began in 2012 driving as a contractor with Panther Premium Logistics.