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Seizing Opportunity With Frank Tufano of Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest)

With SITE 2024 rapidly approaching we had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Tufano, Director of Owner-Operator Recruiting at ArcBest, to discuss the upcoming event and opportunities for attendees.

Frank Tufano

Building a business in the trucking industry can go several different ways according to Tufano, with choices impacting success. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another, and you need to find what fits you and your business best.

During our conversation, Frank was quick to point out that SITE isn’t just another trucking conference. The intimate nature of the event opens the door for what he refers to as a “welcoming, supportive, and successful environment,” something that both his team and ES champion in their everyday interactions with aspiring small business owners.

“Conversations create opportunities, and that is what I am most excited about,” he reiterated. Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to have questions answered and build relationships that can set themselves up for long-term success.

Ready to make the leap from driver to owner? SITE 2024 is an amazing opportunity to connect, learn, and grow your business. Running April 11-12, in Southaven, MS, this exclusive event is designed for entrepreneurs in trucking to get their businesses off the ground or expand their current fleet. Learn more about SITE 2024 HERE, and see why you will Never Stand Alone with ES in your corner.  RSVP now or call us at 888-495-5755.

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Discusses Programs With ES and SITE 2024

With this episode in our countdown to SITE 2024 Series, we talk with Frank Tufano from Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest. This company is one of the carrier partners in the ES Community that will be a part of SITE 2024. At Panther Premium, Frank serves as the Director of Owner-Operator Recruiting. As you will hear, Frank is counting the days until SITE 2024 and excited to talk to professional drivers exploring opportunities with ES. Frank also talks with us about the programs that are available through Panther and ES for trucking professionals looking to start a business in the industry.

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