Steady Loads and a Stable Income

There are times in life when the road ahead is uncertain and circumstances beyond your control converge to steer your career and your income into a ditch. And that’s just where Cody Settles and his wife Brandi found themselves during the Blue Bell ice cream recall of 2015.

Love, Trust and a New Straight Truck

“Howard and I have been driving and business partners in trucking for over fifteen years. For ten years, we drove tractor trailers as over-the-road truckers. We became interested in Expediting by talking to people in the business. After doing some research, we signed on with Panther as an Expediting team. From day one we knew we had made the right decision. We were able to pick up more loads and make more money. The lifestyle of Expediting is also a step up from what we had. We love it! I can’t imagine us doing any other kind of trucking,” said Sylvia.

Women in Expediting: Joy Franklin

We introduce Joy Franklin, a nurse who, along with her boyfriend and business partner Alvin Shipp, decided that owning their own straight truck would be a great investment in their future. They recently purchased a 2012 Cascadia dry unit and hit the road this past July.

Building a Fleet. Investing for the Future.

How many times have you thought about Expediting as an investment in your future? To some, this may seem like a strange concept. But to Jeff and Renie Strahan, building an Expediting fleet plays a major part in their investment portfolio for the long term. Before we get into the specifics of their business plan, let’s get to know them a little better.

From Corporate America to Owner Operator

It’s truly fascinating to learn how people from all walks of life enter the business of Expediting. This issue of Expediter Spotlight shines the light on Larry and Eudora Evans, a couple who stuck their toes into the Expediting waters years ago to find out that the timing just wasn’t quite right. Shortly afterward, they both climbed the corporate ladder to find out that sometimes that ladder can be a bit rickety, to say the least. As you’ll see, their dreams of starting a successful Expediting career would lead them to owning their own truck and controlling their own destiny.