Opportunity Plus Community Equals Success in Trucking

As we’ve pointed out in numerous articles, opportunity in the field of transportation has no boundaries. The path to success and ownership is open to anyone with the desire to work hard and take advantage of opportunities such as programs and support from ES....

Opportunity that Goes Above and Beyond

When it comes to finding opportunity in the field of transportation, the path can be quite narrow without the right support. But once you find the right road, that opportunity can be as large as your dreams. Balery and Tonya Johnson are a husband and wife Expediting team who found the right truck and the right path to truck ownership to become a Success in Trucking through Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance.

True Ownership Has It’s Benefits

Chances are good that if you’re in a Lease Purchase, you’ve asked yourself what would it be like to truly own your own truck. Spotlight News has answered that question in our recent series about Expediters who have taken ES’s Much Better Alternative (MBA) to truck finance and Path to Ownership (PTO) and experienced Success in Trucking. In this issue we feature Jason Williams, an over-the-road trucker who chose to leave the Lease Purchase merry-go-round when he took advantage of an opportunity to come on board with Panther.

True Ownership Brings Smiles and Profits to New Owners

We continue to shine an investigative spotlight on Lease Purchase agreements with our latest story featuring Kenneth and Amy Williams, an experienced husband and wife Expediting team signed on with Panther. They recently took the Much Better Alternative (MBA) to truck finance after a trying experience with a lease purchase agreement.

Overcoming the Heartbreak of a Lease Purchase Agreement

For years, the trucking industry has offered the Lease Purchase agreement to Contractors looking to become Owner Operators. As we’ve pointed out in previous Spotlight News articles, Lease Purchases offer a quasi-ownership proposition with high payments for what you are getting and little-to-no way to pay off a truck. These agreements are often fraught with risks for the Leasee as they are most definitely set up to benefit the Leasor.