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ES Women-Owned Business Initiative Reaches New Heights

November 29, 2023

Spend some time around the ES team, and you’ll quickly realize that we are all about opening doors and creating opportunities for those that are underserved within the trucking industry. The Women-Owned Business Initiative is one such project.

Women-Owned Business

Beginning in 2017, in partnership with the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association, the original 150 Challenge was designed to create 150 women-owned businesses and give women in trucking an avenue to secure financing and support to LIFT up their businesses.

With the help of our amazing partnerships, ES reached that initial goal in August 2022.

Because of the success of the 150 Challenge, and the continued need in the industry, ES expanded the program to serve and support women in the trucking industry with the Women-Owned Business Initiative.

Thanks to the growing momentum of the program, and the continued support from our partners, vendor network, and community members, members of the ES executive team attended the Women In Trucking Accelerate Conference in Dallas and celebrated surpassing 210 women-owned businesses created and financed by ES in November 2023.

That number only represents a small fraction of the story. It has only been made possible by the amazing women that have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses.

“It speaks to the tenacity, toughness, and mindset of these ladies who are coming into the industry and want an opportunity to do better for themselves and their families,” said Jason Williams, President & CEO of ES, from the main stage of the Accelerate Conference.

At ES, we regularly talk about Attitude, Aptitude, and Work Ethic, and the members of the Women-Owned Business Initiative are shining examples of what makes our community so great.

You can learn more about Women In Trucking, and the Women Owned Business Initiative here.

Help Us Get To 300

Progress within the Women-Owned Business Initiative has exceeded all expectations, but in many ways, we are just getting started. Women comprise over 40% of the ES Community, and we are excited to see that number grow in the coming months and years.

When we first began, 300 seemed a lofty goal, but today it is the next stepping stone. We cannot reach that goal without you! Help us share the message, and LIFT up more women within the trucking industry.

Interested in learning more? Visit Women In Trucking or connect with our team at 877-349-9303 to learn more about the advantages of joining the ES Community and see why with ES in your corner, you will Never Stand Alone.

ES: A Holistic Approach

November 16, 2023

Spend a few minutes around any member of the Expediter Services team and you will likely hear us say that “with ES, you Never Stand Alone.” It is a motto that we have had since day one, and serves as a guiding principle as we move forward and expand the ever-growing advantages available to our community members.

Holistic Approach

But what does it actually mean? 

When you dig a little deeper you quickly realize that there is more than meets the eye. We have put support structures in place to help every aspect of our community member’s businesses, including those that go beyond the numbers.

A Holistic Approach To Business

Rather than looking at a single piece of the puzzle, we look at the individual and the business components as intertwined and have worked hard to create a holistic approach. This means putting support structures in place to make it easier to run your business, take care of yourself, and find success.


This might seem like an odd starting point, especially when so much focus in trucking is on the equipment, and we will certainly get there. But the simple fact is, we are a people-first company. The nicest, newest equipment is all for nothing if you aren’t healthy enough to keep the wheels moving.

Over the past year we have worked diligently to create an insurance program that is designed for truckers. This means access to medical providers anytime, anywhere and options that fit what you and your family need right now. The best part – you don’t have to take part in any other ES programs to benefit.

Spiritual & Mental Health

Similar to your physical well-being, your mental health is also incredibly important and a holistic approach wouldn’t be complete without this component. Trucking is a tough business. Issues like depression, anxiety, and loneliness are far too common in the industry and we want our community members to have access to people that are certified to help.

That is why we have partnered with Corporate Chaplains of America, and have a Corporate Chaplain on staff that is always available to talk, regardless of religious affiliation. 


One of the biggest draws to joining the ES Community is the ability to leverage our collective buying power and impact the bottom line of your business. Whether it is through equipment financing, or our fuel, shop, and tire discount program, the financial benefits clearly stand out.

Where we differ ourselves is in placing greater value on attitude, aptitude, and work ethic than credit history or score. Our goal isn’t to get someone signed up and sent on their merry way because our success is dependent on our community members’ success.

This includes being as open and transparent through the process as possible. We don’t shy away from the hard questions, and we are willing to pull back the curtain and show you the nuts and bolts of how our financial deals are structured.


Setting someone up for success in the trucking industry means more than just getting them solid equipment or a great discount on fuel. It also means having structures in place to help them manage their business, if needed. Like a spotter in a weight room, we are there to make sure that you have the support you need – when you need it most. 

The trucking business isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and having someone that you trust and can connect with to help when times get tough can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you need professional services such as taxes, legal advice, or general business support, or just a sounding board on a bad day, we are here to help you weather the storm.

Support services are available 24/7 because we know that the trucking industry never stops.

Join the ES Community

The four pillars that we outlined above are a high-level overview of the different support structures that we have put in place over the years. We are committed to continuing to add to the number of advantages available to our community members.

If you are looking for a partner that can help you in every aspect of your business, connect with our team at 877-349-9303 and see for yourself why we are excited to bring a holistic approach to business within the trucking industry.

Using ES Health Plans As Preventative Maintenance

October 18, 2023

With open enrollment starting November 1st, many of our community members are turning their attention to health insurance. Keeping yourself healthy is just as important as regularly scheduled maintenance on your truck. By taking steps to ensure your health and wellness, you are protecting the most important asset to your company as an owner-operator – YOURSELF!

Health Insurance

Earlier this year, the ES team announced the expansion of advantages to our community members, which now includes health insurance. We recently sat down with Greg Hellmich, former truck driver and our partner for the ES Health Insurance Marketplace,, to talk about some of the challenges of navigating the healthcare system and finding coverage options that are right for you and your family. Here are a few takeaways from that conversation.

What To Consider When Purchasing Health Insurance

The challenge with healthcare is that everyone needs different levels of coverage because we all have different life circumstances. Greg was quick to point out the following three items that he makes the focal point of every conversation about insurance coverage.


Cost is usually the first point that anyone looks at when considering coverage. Premiums, deductibles, and copays all impact your bottom line and generally will make or break the decision.

For most, cost will be determined by need and their current financial situation. Think about what you need in a healthcare plan including how frequently you visit the doctor, the medications you need, and what makes sense for you in regards to monthly premiums versus deductibles and copays paid at the time of care. 

If you are choosing coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, you may be eligible for subsidies that can offset your costs. Visit and schedule a call with Greg if you need help making a decision on what plan is best for you and your family.


Fleet owners and owner-operators are constantly on the move. Having access to a national network of providers, like you would see with national truck shops, should be the starting point. In-network providers are both more willing to work claims and usually come in at a fraction of the cost, according to Greg.

The challenge with navigating open enrollment alone is that you may be inclined to only look at the price and the subsidies without realizing that you could be on the hook for a hefty bill because the network is only local.

As part of the network conversation, services like telehealth can be a game changer. Greg mentioned that the average wait for telehealth is 11 minutes. That means you can access a doctor anytime, anywhere, in less time than it takes to fuel your truck – and the best part is that the first two months are covered as a token of appreciation for joining the community.

Ongoing Support

While the first two points may dominate the conversation, don’t overlook the impact of support. Every provider in the marketplace will have a customer support hotline, but we all know that hold times can be extreme, especially during cold and flu season when more claims are filed.

Fuel, shop, and tire discounts are available to the ES community because we have gone to bat for our community members and are willing to negotiate the best rates on the market. Your insurance provider should be willing to do the same for you. Having someone that is both accessible and knowledgeable can help cut costs when life happens.

Getting Started With ES Health Plans

November 1st will be here before you know it and open enrollment will be underway. As you prepare to make decisions that will impact your family in 2024, we highly recommend connecting with Greg and his team. They focus on smart and simple insurance plans that are designed for the trucking community.

To learn more about insurance coverage visit and connect with our amazing network of providers. 

Listen to the full conversation with Greg using the link provided below.

Exploring Health Insurance & Options Available To The ES Community

Jeff Reese from the ES Team conducted an interview with Greg Hellmich, who is the point of contact for ES Community members requesting information about the health insurance offerings available through

Navigating The Road to Success In Trucking

October 3, 2023

The general session on Day 1 of the 2023 Expedite Expo was one of the best attended workshops of the weekend. With Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI), serving as moderator, members of the ES leadership team, Jason Williams and Jeff Tacker, and motor carrier partners within the ES program, Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest) and Ascent Global Logistics, took the stage to discuss the road to success.

During the hour-long event, the panel addressed pressing questions such as the challenges of the current market, maximizing profitability, building your company, and ways to get the next generation of truckers into the industry.

Frank Tufano, Director, Owner-Operator Recruiting at Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest), summed it up by stating, “In times like this, when things are difficult and challenging – it comes down to communication and developing a relationship.”

Those two factors are what the Expo has always been about, and for those that attended the panel, we hope that was apparent. You can catch excerpts of the panel discussion with Jason, Jeff, Frank, and Tyler Billeg from Ascent Global Logistics and see why we were so excited about this breakout session.

Question: Within the industry in general, what drives freight rates and what we get paid is dictated by demand for capacity and how many drivers are available. How much churn is due to the fact that we do have some excess capacity in the market and there’s less demand for our services?

Jason Williams From ES Responds

Question: The entire country is grappling with inflation and independent contractors really feel that all the time because they’re also paying for expenses. If someone’s working today as an owner-operator and paying their bills, both for the truck and at home, what are some advantages that they should be seeking in this market today?

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Responds

Jeff Tacker From ES Responds

Question: There’s a lot of roadblocks on this road to success. So, what would you say are some hazards that folks that are here should be looking out for in the industry in terms of ownership, freight, equipment, etc as a small business owner?

Ascent’s Tyler Billeg Responds

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Responds

Jeff Tacker From ES Responds

Questions: There are all these companies that are huge and they started with one truck. How do fleet owners grow from one truck to three trucks? How do they go from three to 30? Why should a fleet owner, if they are at three trucks or 30 trucks also be interested in doing business with a larger fleet?

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Responds

Ascent’s Tyler Billeg Responds

Jason Williams From ES Responds

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Responds

Questions: What do you see as far as opportunities today, by way of career path for a professional driver? What are some achievements that can be had by folks who start in the industry? What about people who are already in the industry? How do we accelerate in this job today?

Jason Williams From ES Responds

Ascent’s Tyler Billeg Responds

Jeff Tacker From ES Responds

Panther Premium’s Frank Tufano Responds

Questions: How do you know which opportunity is right for you in this industry? Whether it’s working alone or with someone else in the truck, whether it’s in general trucking or in expedite, whether it’s as an employee or an independent contractor. How do you advise folks when it comes to a particular opportunity in trucking?

Jason Williams From ES Responds

Once the panel wrapped up, we caught up with our partner motor carriers, including Panther and Ascent, to discuss the various opportunities available. Frank (Panther Premium Logistics) was quick to highlight the role Expediter Services (ES) plays in exponentially increasing the opportunities for their fleet owners and owner-operators through programs such as the non-traditional lease purchase program.

Equipment availability is one thing, but access to a “no money down, no balloon payment financing option,” as Frank describes it, combined with the fact that “both companies invest in you” make the partnership special. To hear more, check out Frank’s full video conversation below.

If you are interested in the programs available through ES and its partner motor carriers like Panther and Ascent, or how ES can support you on your way to Success In Trucking, you can contact the ES team with your questions or call (877) 349-9303.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and information from the ES team, including upcoming events and ways to connect.

Frank Tufano – Director, Owner-Operator Recruiting at Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest

Honoring Those That Have Served Through Hope For The Warriors

September 18, 2023

What would happen if you were not able to drive the truck that is parked in your driveway? Your way of life altered forever? – That is the challenge that faces many of the military veterans.  

Expediter Services (ES) has always been dedicated to creating a community with support networks in place so that our owner-operators and fleet owners can weather any storm that comes their way. When our partners at Forward Air approached us last year about becoming involved in Operation Forward Freedom, a joint effort with Hope For The Warriors (HOPE), we saw an opportunity to impact the lives of men and women that have sacrificed for our great nation.

Since 2006, HOPE has helped service members, veterans, and military families across the nation when life circumstances change and hope seems to be lost. Their Drive For Hope Driver Rehabilitation Program has a simple mission: restore independence through driving and transportation.

We are excited to join our partners at Forward Air and support their Operation Forward Freedom initiative once again as the Hope and Courage sponsor for the 2nd Annual Drive For Hope Golf Tournament happening September 25th and 26th.

The two day event will begin on Monday evening with a dinner and silent auction, followed by the golf outing on Tuesday morning at Chateau Elan Golf Club in Braselton, Georgia – with all proceeds going to HOPE so that they can continue their mission.

Jeff Tacker, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Commercial Officer for ES will travel with Jason Williams , Co-Founder, President, and CEO along with other members of the ES team to help support Forward in ensuring that our military veterans Never Stand Alone.

We had a chance to sit down with Jeff and discuss this year’s Operation Forward Freedom event, what he was most looking forward to, and how the trucking industry continues to be shaped by veterans.

Operation Forward Freedom and their connection to HOPE helps raise awareness and funds for veteran support services within the trucking industry, but Jeff was quick to emphasize that both last year’s event and the one upcoming go well beyond the money being raised stating – “it’s not only the money, but how it is used.”

According to Jeff, “it is truly inspirational to see everyone come together for a common good, and a common cause, especially for people that we do not know personally. But to connect with people that have been directly impacted by the program, and to see the relief in their eyes, and hear it in their voices, as they gained a support network and regained some freedom is why we [Expediter Services] are excited to be involved again this year.”

Last year Operation Forward Freedom was able to raise $375,000 for Hope For The Warriors – a goal that Jeff expects will be surpassed as the event and movement continues to grow. 

For all of Jeff’s insights and thoughts on Operation Forward Freedom and HOPE, listen to the full interview below.

Jeff Tacker Discusses The Importance of Supporting Veteran’s Programs

With Veteran’s Day just a few weeks away, we caught up with Jeff Tacker from the ES Leadership Team to discuss the importance of honoring our military veterans and how ES is working to support initiatives that are focused on assisting veterans.

If you, or anyone that you know within trucking, can benefit from the services that HOPE provides, or if you would like to support the cause, visit their website to learn more. The HOPE team does amazing work and we are honored to help them LIFT up the veterans within the trucking community.

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