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Dobbs Peterbilt

The Importance of Community In Business With The Dobbs Peterbilt Team

SITE 2024 is only a few short weeks away, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Ryan and Josh Sykes from the Dobbs Peterbilt team to discuss the role of community in getting your trucking business off the ground. Both veterans of the industry, Andrew and Josh were quick to point out…


Todd Ferguson

Support, Services, and More With Todd Ferguson of FedEx Custom Critical

As we close in on April 11th, and SITE 2024, we had an opportunity to welcome Todd Ferguson, Contractor Sourcing Supervisor at FedEx Custom Critical, to the Success In Trucking Podcast. The topic of discussion – finding value as a first time owner-operator. For Todd, value in the context of SITE 2024 revolves around the…


Nate Meyer

The Power of Partnership With Stoops Freightliner & Nate Meyer

With SITE 2024 on the horizon, we sat down with Nate Meyer from Stoops Freightliner to discuss the truck market, and how their relationship with ES has helped provide aspiring owners an avenue to gain access to equipment without major delays. Meyer, a long-time team member at Stoops, has seen the ups and downs of…


David Neese

Service Coordinators Embody Never Stand Alone

For David Neese, a senior Service Coordinator at ES, being successful in this industry is more than metrics each month, quarter, or year. “ES is incredibly unique,” stated David, in a recent podcast interview. “Yes, we look at numbers, after all, owners still need to get miles and make money. But our primary focus is…


Danny Vernon

Navigating The Truck Market With Danny Vernon and ES

You don’t have to spend long around the ES team to realize that we are all about creating advantages for our community members. From day one, we have worked hard to put together a vendor network, programs, tools, and support that help owner-operators and fleet owners drive success. For Danny Vernon, Director of Truck Sales…


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