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Business and Relationships With The Forward Team

As we close in on SITE 2024, we had a chance to sit down with Jeff Garra and Rachel Swanson from Forward to discuss the importance of having support structures in place as you launch your trucking business. 


With decades of combined experience in the independent contractor space, Jeff and Rachel champion the need for small business owners to have a safety net in place to weather the ebbs and flows of the trucking industry. 

For Rachel, who serves as Director of Capacity Development at Forward, the key to defining your path to success is “consistency and reliability.” 1-on-1 relationships are the key component the Forward team focuses on to reinforce these essential pieces of the puzzle.

Like ES, Forward’s ability to embrace new community members and help them learn the ropes is a real difference-maker, especially when so much is riding on the line.

However, Jeff, the Director of Enterprise Driver Relations, points out that relationships aren’t just between the ES and the business owner, or Forward and the business owner, but between all three. He highlights the “tight working relationship with ES,” as a three-legged stool that provides support and helps owners build “true American success stories.”

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can learn more about ES, Forward, and all of our amazing partners at the upcoming Success In Trucking Engagement 2024, on April 11-12 in Southaven, Mississippi. Space is limited, RSVP now or call us at 888-495-5755.

Jeff Gara and Rachel Swanson From Forward Air Talk About ES And SITE 2024

During this episode of our Countdown To SITE 2024 series, you will hear our conversation with Jeff Garra and Rachel Swanson from Forward Air, one of the carrier partners in ES Community that will be a part of SITE 2024. Jeff serves as the Director of Enterprise Driver Relations at Forward, while Rachel is the Director of OTR & Local Capacity Development for the company. As you will hear, Jeff and Rachel discuss how Forward has worked with ES to open the doors of opportunity for professional drivers seeking to find their own respective paths to truck ownership.

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