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Support, Services, and More With Todd Ferguson of FedEx Custom Critical

As we close in on April 11th, and SITE 2024, we had an opportunity to welcome Todd Ferguson, Contractor Sourcing Supervisor at FedEx Custom Critical, to the Success In Trucking Podcast. The topic of discussion – finding value as a first time owner-operator.

FedEx Todd Ferguson

For Todd, value in the context of SITE 2024 revolves around the support and services offered to first-time owner operators by ES. “The advantages offered by ES are things that are not traditionally offered by a carrier,” stated Ferguson, an industry leader with over 25 years of experience, “and it can be a huge difference maker especially when you are just starting out.”

All of the advantages provided by ES will be on full display at SITE, an event that Ferguson referred to as unlike any other. “This event is designed for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground.”

If you are interested in becoming an owner-operator, there is still time to register for SITE 2024. Running April 11-12 in Southaven, MS, this is a great opportunity to connect with motor carriers like FedEx Custom Critical, meet vendors, hear from industry experts, and get your business started. Visit for additional details. RSVP now to reserve your space or call us at 888-495-5755.

Todd Ferguson From FedEx Custom Critical Discusses SITE 2024

In this episode of the podcast, we’ll take the opportunity to meet Todd Ferguson from FedEx Custom Critical, one of the carrier partners in ES Community that will be a part of SITE 2024. Todd serves as the supervisor in the Contractor Sourcing Department. As you’ll hear, Todd has been with the company since 1999.

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