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The Importance of Community In Business With The Dobbs Peterbilt Team

SITE 2024 is only a few short weeks away, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Ryan and Josh Sykes from the Dobbs Peterbilt team to discuss the role of community in getting your trucking business off the ground.

Dobbs Peterbilt

Both veterans of the industry, Andrew and Josh were quick to point out that the barrier to entry into truck and fleet ownership has never been higher – especially if you are on your own. Everything from finding a truck and securing financing to moving freight and operations requires the right support system to drive success.

As with every vendor in the ES network, Dobbs aligns in more ways than one. Josh, who serves as the Fleet Truck Sales Manager, touched on the fact that both organizations’ value-based approach to business, focusing on the success of community members, has helped supply over 160 trucks to ES Community members since 2018.

For Andrew, the General Manager at Dobbs, the community aspect “changes the game” in terms of success. During our interview, he emphasized that “building a community like the one ES has created is incredibly unique in the industry, and should have folks interested in fleet ownership running to it.”

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of joining the ES Community, the Dobbs team will be on hand at SITE 2024 running April 11-12 to answer questions and help you take the next step in your business. Visit for additional information.  Register now or call us at 888-495-5755.

Andrew Ryan and Josh Sykes From Dobbs Peterbilt Discuss Upcoming SITE 2024

For this episode, we caught up with Andrew Ryan and Josh Sykes from Dobbs Peterbilt. Dobbs is one of the title sponsors for SITE 2024. As you will hear, Andrew serves as the General Manager for Dobbs Peterbilt, while Josh is the New Fleet Truck Sales Manager for the South with the company. We talked with Andrew and Ryan about the relationship that Dobbs has built with ES over the years, and we also discussed today’s truck market along with the opportunities available through ES.

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