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Announcing Our Next Webinar: 2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting Forward Air & Truck Ownership Opportunities

February 7, 2022

The IN-SITE Online Series from ES returns for a third consecutive year with a live webinar event. On February 22, ES will launch IN-SITE 2022 by hosting a webinar that discusses the state of truck ownership opportunities in today’s market while also spotlighting Forward Air. The free webinar is entitled 2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting Forward Air & Truck Ownership Opportunities.

The debut webinar for the IN-SITE 2022 series will focus on the current conditions related to truck ownership and starting a trucking business while also highlighting the opportunities with Forward Air, which is one of the partner carriers within the ES Community. The live webinar event will take place on Tuesday, February 22nd (2-22-22) from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST. Replays of the webinar will be available for all who register for the event.

Free registrations for the live event and access to the replay of the webinar are available by clicking here.

The panel discussion for this edition of the IN-SITE 2022 webinar series will be moderated by Leah Shaver, the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI). Founded in 1995, NTI has earned the reputation as a leader in the trucking industry for tracking company driver and owner-operator compensation history, changes and benchmarks. Leah, who also serves as a host on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146, is one of the foremost experts in the trucking industry on topics related to compensation, driver recruiting and driver retention.

The panel for the opening session of the IN-SITE 2022 webinar series will feature Meghan Turner, the Director of Recruiting for Expediter Services, and Rachel Gilbert, the Director of Talent Marketing & OTR Capacity Development for Forward Air. The market outlook for 2022 and the opportunities for independent contractors and owner-operators will be among the topics that the panel will be discussing during the webinar. Live attendees and on-demand viewers of the webinar will also hear about the collaborative efforts between Forward Air and ES that have paved the way for professional drivers to become truck owners and successfully operate small businesses within the industry.

Expert Panel

Leah Shaver

President & CEO,
National Transportation Institute,
SiriusXM Road Dog Trucking Radio Host
Panel Moderator

Isaac Rachel Gilbert

Director of Talent Marketing & OTR Capacity Development for Forward Air

Meghan Turner

Director of Recruiting for Expediter Services

“When we started the IN-SITE Online Series in 2020, it was initially the platform that our team at ES developed that allowed us to reach out to professional drivers and entrepreneurs across the trucking industry during a time when in-person events were not practical,” said ES President and Co-Founder Jason Williams. “One of the many things we have learned through hosting the IN-SITE webinar series the past two years is that we have been able to make a difference for our audience through the information and perspectives that are shared by our panelists and our moderator.

“Our team at ES is working hard with our partners in the ES Community to develop another strong series of webinars for IN-SITE 2022,” Williams added. “We are once again looking forward to addressing key topics related to opportunities for starting and growing small businesses in the trucking industry. We have always been focused on making the IN-SITE Series a valuable resource for trucking entrepreneurs. As we’ve done now for the past three years, I would like to invite anyone who is interested in exploring truck ownership or growing your existing trucking business to join us for our live event or through the on-demand replay. You will see that we have a strong and supportive community that is focused on helping people achieve success in trucking.”

ES has planned free webinar events and podcast releases throughout the year as part of the overall IN-SITE 2022 Online Series. The upcoming webinars and podcasts in the series will continue to have topics of interest for owner-operators, independent contract drivers, fleet owners and any aspiring entrepreneurs within trucking. To stay up to date on the latest with IN-SITE 2022, please visit here.

ES is proud to have Stoops Freightliner serve as the Title Sponsor for the IN-SITE 2022 Series.

ES Utilizing Corporate Chaplains of America Program to Offer Additional Layer of Help & Support

January 25, 2022

Expediter Services is pleased to announce that the company is expanding the relationship that ES has established with Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA). In 2021, ES began exploring the benefits of utilizing the CCA program. Last year, ES took the first step by asking CCA to send a member of its corporate chaplain team to periodically visit the ES headquarters in Southaven, Miss.

Founded in 1996, the Corporate Chaplains of America is a non-denominational organization that is focused on providing support and assistance to people in the workplace as they encounter the challenges that life can deliver.

Over the past quarter century, CCA has partnered with hundreds of businesses across a broad range of industries, bringing an additional level of care and compassion to the workplace. CCA can serve as a resource during those times when people need help and support the most. CCA’s chaplains are skilled caregivers, and their nationwide team currently cares for some 250,000 workers and their loved ones.

The introduction of the CCA program to the ES team in Southaven last year received a great deal of positive feedback. CCA selected Corporate Chaplain Michael Kanai to work with ES. During the first quarter of 2022, ES will begin to make the CCA program available within the ES Community.

“Since our company’s founding in 2006, we have focused on being of service to the ES Community, and we know that a business is only as healthy as the individuals running it,” observed ES President and Co-founder Jason Williams. “What we have all seen during the last couple of years has certainly highlighted this topic for the entire country, and especially for small business owners. Our entire team at ES is committed to serving our community and have concluded that we need professionals to assist us in certain areas.”

“We’ve had a first-hand opportunity to experience the Corporate Chaplains of America, getting to know their people and the difference they can make. We’ve seen how our corporate chaplain works with our people in the office, and we understand why CCA has been so successful in working with companies of all sizes,” Jason added. “As everyone who is part of the ES Community knows, the leadership team at ES is committed to putting together the type of comprehensive support you need to not only be successful in trucking, but to also be able enjoy your life as well.”

Jeff Tacker, the Chief Operating Officer at ES, was quick to note that the Corporate Chaplains of America program could be viewed as an extension of the roadside assistance offerings that are available from ES.

“First of all, we have found the corporate chaplains to be a wonderful resource who have made a difference for our people in the office,” said Jeff. “When you are out on the road, you are checking tire pressure, oil levels and everything else to keep a well-maintained truck. At ES, we believe that people should also have the opportunity to have a resource that allows them to check on their overall well-being. Sometimes, you may need a different kind of roadside assistance, and the Corporate Chaplains of America can be a good resource that can help.”

“We all encounter difficult times and challenges, and those bumps in the road of life can be especially true in the trucking industry,” Jason noted. “What the Corporate Chaplains bring to the table is that they can serve our community as an additional resource. Like all our service offerings, the CCA program is totally optional. The way we view it is that CCA will be there and available when you need it.”

If you would like to read and learn more about Corporate Chaplains of America, ES invites you to visit the CCA website by clicking here.

150 Business Challenge Approaching Program’s Initial Goal

January 18, 2022

When the 150 Business Challenge was first launched in November of 2017, the collaborative program between Expediter Services (ES) and the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) set out to achieve the goal of assisting in the creation of 150 women-owned businesses in transportation. As the program enters its fifth year, the 150 Business Challenge has become a true vehicle of change within the trucking industry, helping in the launch of 132 women-owned businesses.

“Back in the fall of 2017 when we partnered with Expediter Services to launch the 150 Business Challenge, we had high hopes that this program could be a difference maker for creating true ownership opportunities for women in the trucking industry, and the results speak for themselves,” said Ellen Voie, President & CEO of the Women In Trucking Association. “Through this program, ES has helped aspiring women entrepreneurs by removing some of the most trying obstacles when it comes to starting a business in trucking.”

The 150 Business Challenge follows the proven working model that ES utilizes in offering truck ownership opportunities and assisting the program participants in establishing profitable small businesses through a variety of support mechanisms found within the ES Community. Professional drivers interested in the ES truck ownership programs, including the 150 Business Challenge, go through a screening and qualification process that also has an evaluation period.

In addition to looking at work history, it is during the evaluation period program that participants are given the opportunity by ES to demonstrate their attitude, their aptitude and their work ethic. The process that ES utilizes for qualifying truck ownership program participants is unique because it places a greater emphasis on a driver’s work history over a traditional credit score. ES offers qualified participants competitive, market-rate financing for professional drivers seeking to own trucks from the leading equipment brands in the industry.

One of the features of the 150 Business Challenge is the opportunity for program participants to drive as an owner-operator for one of the partner carriers in the ES Community. Members of the 150 Business Challenge are now a part of the fleets at FedEx Custom Critical, Forward Air and Panther Premium Logistics, a service of ArcBest. As part of the additional support that is available, ES also provides program participants access to a complete set of services and discounts through the ES Community that cover the key areas of fuel, maintenance, insurance and back-office support. Other services and discounts are also available through the ES Community.

“Over the years as we have developed our programs, we took note of the hurdles women have faced in trucking from a financial standpoint when looking to start a business, and that was part of our inspiration for launching the 150 Business Challenge,” said ES President and Co-founder Jason Williams. “As business owners ourselves, we understand and appreciate what it takes to push through challenges in order to achieve your goals. We believe in entrepreneurs, and part of our mission at ES is helping people by placing them in the best position to make the most of an opportunity to successfully run their own business.”

Long before the collaboration with WIT on the 150 Business Challenge, ES had established a reputation in the industry for opening doors for women who are seeking to become business owners in trucking. Today, the number of women within the ES Community who are fleet owners, owner-operators or independent contract drivers involved in the programs offered by the company now exceeds 38 percent of the ES fleet.

“Since I first met with the leadership team at ES several years ago, I could see the commitment they have as a company for opening the doors of ownership opportunities in the trucking industry to everyone,” said Ellen. “When we look at the impact that the 150 Business Challenge has made since 2017, this program has become a platform for success because ES offers women more than the opportunity to buy a new truck. This is a truly comprehensive offering that delivers access to the support that business owners need to prosper and grow. ES has done an amazing job with 150 Business Challenge, and we’re looking forward to seeing the next steps for this program.”

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2022 It’s All About You Campaign Highlighted On SiriusXM & Radio Nemo

January 10, 2022

Just as the calendar was getting ready to turn to the New Year, Jeff Tacker from the ES Senior Leadership Team had the opportunity to share some thoughts on national radio about the 2022 It’s All About You Campaign from ES. Jeff, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer for Expediter Services, was a guest during December’s final days on the Dave Nemo Show, which is broadcast on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146.

Jeff was one of the day’s main guests featured on the day he appeared. He was on the air for two segments on Radio Nemo, covering a 30-minute block of the four-hour daily program. Jeff was interviewed on this edition of the Dave Nemo Show by Jimmy Mac, who serves as the program’s lead guest host.

The two segments featured on this edition of the program provided Jimmy and Jeff a chance to reconnect after they had spent some time together at the Women In Trucking Association’s Accelerate Conference, which had taken place in Dallas in November.

In addition to looking at the year ahead, Jeff’s conversation with Jimmy offered him the opportunity to talk about what’s happening at ES as well as how the company works to create opportunities within the industry. It was during the second segment following a commercial break in the show when Jimmy asked Jeff about the 2022, It’s All About You campaign that ES is launching in the new year.

If you would like to listen to Jeff’s appearance on SiriusXM and the Dave Nemo Radio Show, Spotlight News has included a replay of the interview within this story. ES would like to thank Radio Nemo, SiriusXM and the Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel for allowing Spotlight News to share the replay of Jeff’s interview on the Dave Nemo Show as a special edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast. For anyone who has a subscription to SiriusXM Radio or the SiriusXM app, the Dave Nemo Show can be heard each morning from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern time on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146.

Success In Trucking Podcast: Radio Nemo Interview with Jeff Tacker

Guest host Jimmy Mac welcomed Jeff Tacker to the Dave Nemo Show in late December. Jeff, who is the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer for Expediter Services, highlighted what is happening at ES and shared perspective on the 2022, It’s All About You campaign from ES.

ES Launches New Campaign: In 2022, It’s All About You!

January 2, 2022

Looking back on what is now more than 15 years of history since the founding of Expediter Services, the company has always placed its focus on how the programs and services from ES can best support owner-operators, independent contract drivers and entrepreneurs within the trucking industry in their efforts to be successful. The ES Company Motto of Never Stand Alone speaks to the commitment that the entire ES Team makes every day to concentrate on meeting the needs of trucking business owners and most notably the people in the driver’s seat. ES is always looking at the industry outward from the truck level.

As the calendar now turns to a New Year, ES is launching a new campaign that speaks to the company’s deep roots and dedication to trucking professionals who are seeking to build and grow their businesses within a dynamic and changing industry. The “2022 It’s All About You” campaign from ES will serve as a platform for amplifying the company’s outreach to aspiring trucking entrepreneurs and current trucking business owners. At the heart of 2022 It’s All About You, trucking professionals will find that ES will be inviting them to not stand alone and to utilize the programs and services available from the company to assist them with maximizing their success in trucking.

Throughout 2022, Spotlight News will be featuring a series of articles that will be sharing helpful information and valuable perspectives from the company as part of the 2022 It’s All About You campaign. At the launch of this initiative, we spent some time with Jeff Tacker, who is part of the Senior Leadership Team at ES. Jeff serves as the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer for ES. We will be hearing from Jeff and other members of the ES Team throughout the year as part of the 2022 It’s All About You Campaign.

Here is one of the questions we asked Jeff at the beginning of the campaign…

What inspired the 2022 It’s All About You Campaign?

Jeff: Over the past couple of years, the entire world has faced a lot of challenges and the trucking industry, as the center of the supply chain, has risen to the occasion – whether that’s making adjustments within the COVID pandemic or dealing with equipment shortages and the availability of new trucks. With everything that has happened, it would be easy to look at the obstacles, but that won’t help you move forward. So, part of what we would like to do with our 2022 campaign is to help the people we serve and those who would like to join our ES Community to keep things in perspective and to focus on the positives, especially the opportunities that are present in today’s trucking industry.

At ES, the focus of our programs and our support services has always been placed first and foremost on trucking professionals – the owner-operators, independent contract drivers, fleet owners and small business owners in this industry.

The 2022 It’s All About You Campaign is a two-way call to action. First of all, it’s a reminder to all of us at ES to continue to be responsive and find ways that we can stand with the members of the ES Community while also expanding our community as we work to help the trucking industry move forward. We believe our 2022 It’s All About You campaign will be especially valuable for those trucking professionals who are working to address the current challenges of the day while making the most of the opportunities on the horizon.

Our 2022 It’s All About You Campaign is also a call to action for trucking business owners to take the time to look into the mirror and do a thorough evaluation of your business. How can you make your business better and stronger during these times? Where do you need help? Who is willing to walk with you and provide the type of support and deliver the kinds of advantages that can increase your success in trucking? We see 2022 as a time to look both inward and outward. As always, ES is here to make sure that you never stand alone. That’s why, in 2022, it’s all about you!

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