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What does Chicken Little, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and ES Have in Common? NOTHING!!!

Everyone knows 2019 has been a tough year for trucking. But take heart, the sky isn’t falling and the big bad wolf isn’t baying at the door!

never stand along

As a matter of course, business and freight cycles are a fact of life in the trucking environment — you can count on it. You can also count on the fact that ES has created a Community of Support to mitigate the ups and downs that take place in the market.

path to ownership

ES is optimistic about the trucking industry and YOU! That’s why we’ve invested heavily in expanding infrastructure, people and technology to enhance our platform of support in order to create stability, so you Never Stand Alone. (Click here to learn more about our expansion). ES has created groundbreaking programs to help expand opportunity, including the 150 women-owned business challenge that has helped women come to represent 38% of the ES fleet; one of the highest in the industry and growing. In addition, ES has created the industry leading PTO (Path To Ownership) that takes your attitude, aptitude, work ethic and work history into account when it comes to financing a truck. ES believes that If You Can Drive a Truck, You Can Own the Truck! ES brings You and our Community together to help you become a Success In Trucking.

We invite you to watch our video below from the recent Success In Trucking Expo (click to learn more about the SITE) detailing the ES community of support created to help you through good market conditions, as well as bad.

How can ES help you today? Contact our team at 877-349-9303.

ES is working for You!

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