2022 Marketing Campaign Highlights

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IN-SITE Webinar Series

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 1 –
2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting Forward Air & Truck Ownership Opportunities

The debut of the 2022 IN-SITE Webinar Series featured a timely discussion covering the current conditions in the market related to truck ownership. We also took an extended look at the opportunities available through Forward Air and ES. Leah Shaver, the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI), moderated the panel discussion. The webinar highlighted the collaborative efforts between Forward Air and ES that have paved the way for a continually growing number of trucking entrepreneurs to achieve their goal of successfully operating small businesses within the industry.

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 2 –
2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting FedEx Custom Critical & Truck Ownership Opportunities

This webinar discusses the current conditions related to truck ownership and starting a trucking business while also highlighting the opportunities with FedEx Custom Critical, which is one of the carriers within the ES community. Part of the webinar covers the long relationship between ES and FedEx Custom Critical and how members of the ES Community have grown their businesses and found their success in trucking through the programs and support offerings available to trucking entrepreneurs.

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 3 –
2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting On Time Media & Opportunities In Expedited Trucking

This special virtual event brought together ES and the team from On Time Media, a leading resource for multimedia marketing services in the expedited trucking sector, specializing in driver recruiting, truck and product advertising and commercial vehicle inventory management. Through this webinar, viewers can learn the latest trends and news within the expedited sector of the trucking industry, including insights on the large community of support that has been developed over the years by the resources placed into the market by On Time Media. The panel also discusses how the ES Community has a set of services, offerings and comprehensive support platforms that are all designed to help owner-operators, independent contractors and trucking entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities for success in trucking.

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 4 –
2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest & Truck Ownership Opportunities

Continuing our series of webinars highlighting the partner motor carriers within the ES Community, we feature Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest). This webinar focuses on the key considerations owner-operators, independent contractors and aspiring entrepreneurs should review during the carrier recruiting process. One of the topics the panel highlights is the revolutionary non-traditional lease-to-own program that ES developed in collaboration with Panther Premium Logistics.

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 5 –
2022, It’s All About You: Spotlighting Success Within the ES Community

This edition of the IN-SITE 2022 Webinar Series gives you the opportunity to get perspectives from professional drivers who have charted their respective courses to achieving truck ownership by utilizing the programs and support services available within the ES Community. In addition, you will hear about their experiences within the industry as well as how they found the ES Community and the difference ES has made in finding new levels of success in trucking.

IN-SITE 2022 Webinar 6 –
2022, It’s All About You – And Panther!

This edition of the IN-SITE Webinar series provides a deeper look into the revolutionary non-traditional lease-to-own program that ES developed in collaboration with Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest).

Women-Owned Business Initiative

150 Business Challenge & Women-Owned Business Initiative

In August 2022, ES celebrated reaching the initial goal of helping to create 150 women-owned businesses in the trucking industry. ES was honored during a special presentation at the Women In Trucking Association’s annual conference in November. During the presentation, Expediter Services Co-Founder & CEO Jason Williams announced that the company would continue this important work as the Women-Owned Business Initiative from ES.

The Women-Owned Business Initiative will continue to utilize the company’s Path To Ownership model, which includes matching program participants with the participating carriers in the ES Community as well as offering competitive market-rate financing and relationship lending through ES Equipment Finance.

We invite you to visit our dedicated web page that details the history and the opportunities available through the Women-Owned Business Initiative from ES.

ES at the Expedite Expo

ES Presenting Sponsor at the 2022 Expedite Expo

Once again in 2022, Expediter Services held the prime position of presenting sponsor at the annual Expedite Expo. This video compilation takes a look back at this year’s Expo with a series of interviews with people in attendance at the Expo who have connections with the ES Community. You’ll see what takes place at the Expo, get a look inside the expedited sector of trucking and how ES works to help small trucking businesses grow.

IN-SITE Dinner at the Expedite Expo

Annual IN-SITE Dinner Presentation

As part of the 2022 Expedite Expo, ES hosted the presentation made at the IN-SITE Dinner on Day 1 of the Expo. Audience members heard the latest insights on the trucking industry as well as details on the services, programs and opportunities that are available for professional drivers through ES. Jeff Tacker, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, and Executive Vice President, served as the host and lead speaker for the evening.

Success In Trucking Podcasts

During 2022, ES released 13 episodes of the Success In Trucking Podcast. The releases received a solid response over the course of the year, collecting more than 3,300 overall plays/downloads.

Success In Trucking Podcast: Radio Nemo Interview with Jeff Tacker

Guest host Jimmy Mac welcomed Jeff Tacker to the Dave Nemo Show in late December. Jeff, who is the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer for Expediter Services, highlighted what is happening at ES and shared perspective on the 2022, It’s All About You campaign from ES.

Webinar Preview: Interview With Moderator Leah Shaver

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast, powered by ES, IN-SITE 2022 Webinar Series moderator Leah Shaver will be discussing what she sees on the horizon for the trucking industry in 2022 and what attendees of the upcoming ES webinar on Feb. 22 can expect to hear and experience.

Jeff Tacker From ES Salutes Veterans & Their Families

In this special edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast, you will hear Jeff Tacker from the ES Leadership share the company’s admiration for the service and sacrifice made by military veterans and their families.

Podcast: Jason Williams Discusses Drive For Hope Event

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast Powered By ES, Jason Williams, the President and Co-Founder of ES, talks about the company’s participation in the Drive For Hope charity event, which was led by Forward Air. The Drive For Hope raised $375,000 for the Hope For The Warriors organization.

Podcast: Interview With On Time Media’s Joe Kalafat

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast, powered by ES, we spend some time talking with Joe Kalafat, who is a member of the new ownership group for On Time Media. Along with discussing what you can expect during the upcoming IN-SITE 2022 webinar, we talk with Joe about his extensive experience within the trucking industry and we’ll also get his thoughts on the long relationship between On Time Media and ES.

Success In Trucking Podcast: Panther’s Frank Tufano

Frank Tufano, the Director of Owner-Operator Recruiting for Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest, took some time at the Mid-America Trucking Show to talk about the non-traditional lease-to-own program from ES and Panther as the program approaches its first anniversary.

Podcast Interview: Jeff Tacker Pays Tribute to Independence Day

The Success In Trucking Podcast celebrates the Fourth of July Holiday and America’s Declaration of Independence by getting some historical perspective from Jeff Tacker, the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and the Executive Vice President for ES. During the interview, Jeff talks about the American Dream and the rewarding work the entire ES Team gets to do each day in supporting members of the ES Community.

Podcast Interview: Jeff Tacker Shares ES Plans For The Expo

In this episode of the Success In Trucking Podcast, we will hear from Jeff Tacker, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and the Executive Vice President for ES. We talked to Jeff about the long relationship that ES has with the Expedite Expo, serving as the event’s presenting sponsor for many years. We also talked with Jeff on how the ES Team starts relationships and strengthens existing relationships as part of their experience at the Expo. You also get a look at the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo, a special event hosted by ES that will take place on July 15.

Podcast Series Part 2: Danny Vernon Talks About Trucks & Opportunities With ES

In this episode of the Success In Trucking Podcast, we will hear from Danny Vernon, the Director of Truck Sales and Finance for Expediter Services. Through this edition of the podcast, we covered a number of interesting topics Danny related to the current truck market and the truck ownership opportunities available through ES. We also talked with Danny about the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo that ES will be hosting on July 15th.

Success In Trucking Podcast: David Withers

Listen to ES Senior Director of Operations & Recruiting David Withers talk about the opportunities that are currently available with straight trucks in the expedited sector. David also explains the approach ES takes in looking at the industry from the truck level up.

Success in Trucking Podcast: Update From ES Truck Sales

In this episode of the Success In Trucking Podcast, we’ll be talking with Danny Vernon and Tom Parker from ES Truck Sales. We’ll get a look at what’s happening in the equipment market and we’ll go inside how ES Truck Sales works with trucking professionals who are in the market to buy late-model, pre-owned trucks from ES.

Podcast: Take An Audio Tour of ESsuccessintrucking.com

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast Powered By ES, we will be taking an audio tour of the comprehensive update to the ESsuccessintrucking.com website. Jeff Reese, who is the Director of Sales & Marketing for ES Vendor Network Services, will be our guest on the podcast, and Jeff will serve as our tour guide.

Success in Trucking Podcast: David Withers Discusses Driver Appreciation

David Withers, Senior Director of Operations & Recruiting at ES, is our featured guest on this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast Powered By ES. As you will hear on the podcast, David’s appreciation for America’s Professional Truck Drivers dates back when he was a kid and his father was behind the wheel of a big rig. In this episode, David will discuss what Driver Appreciation means to him and the ES team as well as the importance of backing up your words with actions when it comes to working with professional drivers.

Podcast: Jason Williams Shares Insights On RadioNemo

Courtesy of SiriusXM and Dave Nemo Entertainment, the Success In Trucking Podcast is able to share a replay of a recent Dave Nemo Show interview with Jason Williams, the Co-Founder & CEO of Expediter Services. As you’ll hear, Jason shares how the team at ES makes the effort each day to express their appreciation for professional truck drivers in the work that they do.

2022 Media Coverage

IN-SITE Webinar Series

First IN-SITE 2022 webinar from Expediter Services to highlight carrier partner Forward Air, explore truck ownership opportunities

Upcoming IN-SITE 2022 Webinar From Expediter Services To Highlight FedEx Custom Critical & Explore Truck Ownership Opportunities

April 26 Edition of the IN-SITE 2022 Webinar Series Will Spotlight Expedited Trucking & Feature The On Time Media Group

Expediter Services To Host Webinar On Truck Ownership Opportunities While Spotlighting Partner Carrier Panther Premium Logistics, A Service of ArcBest

Expediter Services Expanding Non-Traditional Lease-To-Own Program in Partnership with Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest

Highlighting Other Initiatives

Expediter Services Unveils Comprehensive Update To The Company’s ESsuccessintrucking.com Website

Expediter Services Celebrates Milestone & Announces Expansion of Women-Owned Business Initiative

Expediter Services hits 150 women-owned businesses goal

Programs and Services From ES Featured In North America Outlook Magazine

Corporate Chaplain Podcast Series

In 2022, ES launched the You Don’t Have To Stand Alone Podcast, which is hosted by Michael Kanai. The series is part of the outreach that ES is providing through the Corporate Chaplains of America program. Michael serves as the Corporate Chaplain for the ES Community.  Through the series, Michael addresses topics that are designed to help and support the members of the ES Community. ES has set up a dedicated page on the company’s website for the You Don’t Have To Stand Alone Podcast.

Spotlight News Series

Spotlight News shares updates and features from and about the ES Community. In 2022, ES published 40 Spotlight articles to date. Below is a list of links to a few selected articles from the Spotlight series.

ES Launches New Campaign: In 2022, It’s All About You!

Fleet Owners Joe & Carol Shelton: An Inspiring Example Of Success Within The ES Community

Appreciation For the ES Community Placed in The National Spotlight On RadioNemo

Colleen Umbehant Achieving New Levels Of Success With Women-Owned Business Initiative From ES

ES Advantage Featured on CDL Life

In 2022, ES began working with CDLLife.com to develop a paid editorial content series that highlighted the ES Advantage Program. The editorial content consisted of a guest column by Jeff Reese, the Director of Sales & Marketing for ES Vendor Network Services. The monthly feature also includes an episode of the ES Advantage Podcast. The column by Jeff became branded as Reese’s Pieces. Meanwhile, the podcast series has collected nearly 2,800 plays/downloads to date.


How The ES Advantage Program Is Delivering Savings On Insurance & Other Key Line Items Within Your Trucking Operation


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Reese’s Pieces on ES Advantage: A Program Built To Help You Save Money & Respond To Rising Costs


Reese’s Pieces on The New ESsuccessintrucking.com Website: A Platform For Opportunities


Reese’s Pieces On The Importance Of Evaluating Your Current Insurance Plans & Available Options In The Market


Reese’s Pieces: Discussing Proof of Delivery with The Savings Seen by Using The ES Advantage


Reese’s Pieces: The Power of Listening & Expanding Bilingual Outreach Efforts for ES Advantage Customers

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