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ES Launches New Campaign: In 2022, It’s All About You!

Looking back on what is now more than 15 years of history since the founding of Expediter Services, the company has always placed its focus on how the programs and services from ES can best support owner-operators, independent contract drivers and entrepreneurs within the trucking industry in their efforts to be successful. The ES Company Motto of Never Stand Alone speaks to the commitment that the entire ES Team makes every day to concentrate on meeting the needs of trucking business owners and most notably the people in the driver’s seat. ES is always looking at the industry outward from the truck level.

As the calendar now turns to a New Year, ES is launching a new campaign that speaks to the company’s deep roots and dedication to trucking professionals who are seeking to build and grow their businesses within a dynamic and changing industry. The “2022 It’s All About You” campaign from ES will serve as a platform for amplifying the company’s outreach to aspiring trucking entrepreneurs and current trucking business owners. At the heart of 2022 It’s All About You, trucking professionals will find that ES will be inviting them to not stand alone and to utilize the programs and services available from the company to assist them with maximizing their success in trucking.

Throughout 2022, Spotlight News will be featuring a series of articles that will be sharing helpful information and valuable perspectives from the company as part of the 2022 It’s All About You campaign. At the launch of this initiative, we spent some time with Jeff Tacker, who is part of the Senior Leadership Team at ES. Jeff serves as the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer for ES. We will be hearing from Jeff and other members of the ES Team throughout the year as part of the 2022 It’s All About You Campaign.

Here is one of the questions we asked Jeff at the beginning of the campaign…

What inspired the 2022 It’s All About You Campaign?

Jeff: Over the past couple of years, the entire world has faced a lot of challenges and the trucking industry, as the center of the supply chain, has risen to the occasion – whether that’s making adjustments within the COVID pandemic or dealing with equipment shortages and the availability of new trucks. With everything that has happened, it would be easy to look at the obstacles, but that won’t help you move forward. So, part of what we would like to do with our 2022 campaign is to help the people we serve and those who would like to join our ES Community to keep things in perspective and to focus on the positives, especially the opportunities that are present in today’s trucking industry.

At ES, the focus of our programs and our support services has always been placed first and foremost on trucking professionals – the owner-operators, independent contract drivers, fleet owners and small business owners in this industry.

The 2022 It’s All About You Campaign is a two-way call to action. First of all, it’s a reminder to all of us at ES to continue to be responsive and find ways that we can stand with the members of the ES Community while also expanding our community as we work to help the trucking industry move forward. We believe our 2022 It’s All About You campaign will be especially valuable for those trucking professionals who are working to address the current challenges of the day while making the most of the opportunities on the horizon.

Our 2022 It’s All About You Campaign is also a call to action for trucking business owners to take the time to look into the mirror and do a thorough evaluation of your business. How can you make your business better and stronger during these times? Where do you need help? Who is willing to walk with you and provide the type of support and deliver the kinds of advantages that can increase your success in trucking? We see 2022 as a time to look both inward and outward. As always, ES is here to make sure that you never stand alone. That’s why, in 2022, it’s all about you!

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