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Appreciation For the ES Community Placed in The National Spotlight On RadioNemo

Podcast: Jason Williams Shares Insights On RadioNemo

Courtesy of SiriusXM and Dave Nemo Entertainment, the Success In Trucking Podcast is able to share a replay of a recent Dave Nemo Show interview with Jason Williams, the Co-Founder & CEO of Expediter Services. As you’ll hear, Jason shares how the team at ES makes the effort each day to express their appreciation for professional truck drivers in the work that they do.

The owner-operators, independent contractors and all the trucking professionals who are part of the ES Community were placed in the spotlight when Jason Williams was recently interviewed on the Dave Nemo Show, which is nationally broadcast on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel.

Jason, the CEO and Co-Founder of ES, was one of the featured guests on RadioNemo during the program’s celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

In an interview conducted by RadioNemo’s Jimmy Mac, Jason, capturing the spirit of the week, used the national platform that reaches 1.5 million listeners daily to note the value of owner-operators, independent contractors, small trucking businesses and all professional drivers to the transportation industry and the supply chain.

Jason shared that one of the ways ES has shown the organization’s commitment to professional drivers is through helping them realize the dream of ownership by working to remove barriers and by providing support services that are focused on placing ES Community members in the best position to succeed. 

During the interview, you’ll get a glimpse into how Jason thinks about the importance of drivers in moving the country and how the success of ES comes from focusing on the industry from the truck level upwards. As Jason shares with Jimmy Mac and the RadioNemo audience, ES only succeeds if the people behind the wheel succeed. In addition, ES has aligned the organization in the manner so the company never loses appreciation for and understanding of the value that professional truck drivers have in the transportation industry and to ensure they a platform and the support necessary to become true truck owners and launch their own businesses.

Jason notes during the interview that someone running a business with their own truck has the same obstacles and hurdles to overcome as larger carriers do. However, unlike a large motor carrier, most small trucking operations have a steep hill to climb because they lack the resources to run their business as efficiently as large fleets. This is where ES serves as a champion for trucking entrepreneurs. Through the approach taken by ES, owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners, as members of the ES Community, have the resources and support to overcome the hurdles small operations encounter.

Partnership is the foundation to Success in Trucking for professional drivers. As Jason shares during his interview, ES recognizes that finding the road to success in trucking is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It must be tailored to each member of the ES Community. Owners need to have partnerships that encourage and assist with operational matters, but also that challenge how they’re thinking about their business based on their expertise. At the end of the day, ES is here to provide opportunities and support for those who are interested in making the commitment to owning a truck or running their own small fleet.

If you’re interested in a partnership that can take your trucking business to the next level, reach out to the ES team at (877) 349-9303. ES is a one-stop support company with expertise in financial services and technology, relationship lending, and general business support.

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