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Last fall, Spotlight News spoke with husband and wife expediting team Jackie Rocha and Michael Barclay. (Read their story here). As you may recall, they had recently taken the Path To Ownership, after driving as contract drivers for owners Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield (Business partners who themselves started with ES as contractors several years ago, and grew a successful fleet). In this issue, we take a look at what they’ve achieved since our first interview, and the opportunities they see through their windshield for the future.

Even though Rocha and Barclay are young entrepreneurs (they’re both in their twenties), and relatively new to the transportation business, they knew from the beginning they wanted to become owners. According to Rocha, they looked at a number of different opportunities before taking ES’s PTO. “We had a desire to be owner-operators from the very start. I remember thinking about it even back when we were in training as drivers. We talked to our trainer about it and even discussed lease-purchase programs and other opportunities for truck ownership. In the end, there really aren’t that many viable choices to become a true owner. I’m just glad we discovered ES and their Path to Ownership. In this business, you have to do your research to find the best opportunity to be successful, and we found it.”

path to ownershipAnother aspect of the business that’s important to this young team is the concept of community. “We believe in reaching out to young people and telling them about the industry,” said Barclay. “There’s just so much opportunity that we want to be advocates; to get people excited about transportation. Also, we appreciate the community that ES has built. It’s something that we rely on constantly, so we Never Stand Alone. We feel that within the trucking industry, there’s no stronger community and it’s real. That’s why we’ll be visiting the Success In

never stand alongTrucking Expo (SITE), on June 7-8 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We want to support the community and learn even more about the industry and the opportunities offered.” Click here to learn more and to register for the SITE.


To hear more of their story in their own words, please click on the podcast link below.


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