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If we didn’t see you at the SITE, We’ll see you at the Expedite Expo!

After the successful launch of the inaugural SITE (Success In Trucking Expo) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 7 & 8 (See what happened at the SITE here), ES is rolling into the annual Expedite Expo on July 19 and 20, once again, as the event’s title sponsor.

The Expedite Expo is a great place for drivers, owners and fleet owners to learn about the unique opportunities and support offered by the ES community. And remember —  if you can drive a truck, you can own the truck. The Expo is also a great place to learn about the incomparable support offered to everyone operating under the ES umbrella of companies, so you Never Stand Alone.

In addition, ES is hosting its annual EGG (ES’s Group Gathering) at the  Expedite Expo, the evening of Friday the 19th. According to Jeff Tacker, Expediter Services, Chief Operating Officer, this year’s EGG will discuss topics that are important to the community. “At this year’s EGG at the Expo, we want to show our thankfulness and gratitude to everyone, while welcoming those we know and getting to know those we don’t. We’ll talk about the current state of freight, and discuss the opportunities ES offers to let all contractors know that we’re here with support and discounts on fuel, insurance and more through our wonderful programs. And we’ll also discuss upcoming industry trends and ES’s future plans.”


One of the most important features of any EGG is that each gathering is tailored to meet the challenges of changing market conditions. This year’s EGG will highlight and summarize the ES community’s experiences, which focus on real support and real services. We look forward to seeing you at our booth (Booth 470), and we hope you join us for dinner at the EGG at the Expo! 

The EGG at the Expo is open to current and prospective qualified team expediters.

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