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Have You Registered For The Expedite Expo & The ES IN-SITE Dinner At The Expo?

As the calendar turns to June and as the final countdown to this summer’s most important event in expedited trucking begins, the team at Spotlight News has two very important questions to ask you.

First of all, have you filled out the free registration and made your plans to attend the 2022 Expedite Expo, which will be held in Fort Wayne, Ind., July 15-16? Our second question centers around the main event ES has planned for the 2022 Expo. For anyone planning on attending or considering joining the ES Team for the ES IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo, ES would like to know if you have registered for the free dinner ES is once again holding at the Expo. Would you like to be a part of this ES IN-SITE special event? You can register for the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo within this edition of Spotlight News.

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne will serve as the host site for the 2022 Expedite Expo, and Expediter Services will once again this year be serving as the presenting sponsor for this annual event.

Last year, the Expedite Expo commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Expedite Expo, which has gained a well-earned reputation over the years for being a marketplace for the entire expedite industry – owner operators, drivers, carriers, and exhibitors – to come together, network and grow.

On Time Media, the company responsible for hosting and developing the programming for the Expedite Expo, has consistently pointed out through the years that the Expo is not just focused on the needs and interests of current drivers in the expedite sector. The Expo is also the place for new drivers and anyone who would like to explore the trucking industry and expediting, in particular. The Expedite Expo provides all people attending this free event with multiple ways to network and get a closer look at the opportunities within the expedited sector of the industry.

Members of the On Time Media Team, the company that owns and operates, spent some time talking about some of the workshops and special programming that will be available during the 2022 Expedite Expo when they were featured in April edition of the IN-SITE 2022 Webinar Series from ES. If you would like to watch the IN-SITE webinar replay and get a preview of this year’s Expedite Expo from the On Time Media Team, please click here.

Connect With ES At The Expo

ES, in holding the position as the presenting sponsor of the 2022 Expedite Expo, will have the most notable booth presence on the floor of the show, and the company’s IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo will be one of the largest events that will take place during the run of the show.

People who make the trip to Fort Wayne to be a part of the Expedite Expo and the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo will quickly see the very welcoming atmosphere the ES Team brings to the company’s booth space and to the dinner event. The ES Team works to get to know everyone who visits with them – learning about their careers and goals within the business of trucking.

Anyone visiting with the ES Team on the floor of the show and the people attending the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo will have the time to learn about the comprehensive set of services and unrivaled advantages that are available when you become part of the ES Community. The ES Team will be available to answer questions about the programs available from ES, including how the company’s Path To Ownership program works. You can also learn about financing options for truck ownership and all of the discounts and comprehensive support that is available when you become part of the ES Community.

During the IN-SITE at the Expo Dinner, ES will be providing a delicious buffet-style meal with each attendee receiving a gift bag from ES at the door. At the dinner, those in attendance will have the opportunity to meet some of the ES Community members who have utilized the services and support from ES to build their own trucking businesses.

The ES Dinner at the Expo will feature insights from the ES Leadership Team on the state of the trucking industry and what’s on the horizon for the expedited sector of the industry. Attendees at the dinner will get additional expert perspective on what’s happening in expedited trucking as they will be hearing from a member of the On Time Media Team during the dinner program. Once again this year, ES has put together an impressive collection of door prizes that will be drawn and handed out during the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo.

The 2021 edition of the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo drew a total of 188 people. The ES Leadership Team is anticipating another large turnout for the 2022 edition of the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo. Company officials are making plans to welcome 200-plus people to this year’s event, and the ES Team is encouraging anyone interested in attending the Expedite Expo to register for the Expo, and ES wants you to register for the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo as well.

The ES Team wants to remind everyone planning to come to the Expedite Expo that the 2002 IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo is also a free event and, as we noted, space is limited. ES is currently taking reservations for the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo through the form below on this page. If you would like to join us at this year’s IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo, please complete the form on this page.

RSVP for The IN-SITE Dinner
Friday July 15

FREE – Limited Seating – Register Today!
Doors Open at 4:30pm, Dinner at 5pm

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum Conference Center • Banquet Room B
4000 Parnell Avenue • Fort Wayne, Indiana

Here’s A Look at Last Year’s IN-SITE Dinner

Check Out What Happened at the Expo ’21

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