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We Enjoyed Connecting with You at the 2022 Expedite Expo & IN-SITE Dinner At The Expo

Thanks for Attending!

The 2022 Expedite Expo provided countless opportunities over the tradeshow’s two-day, mid-July run for those attending to both network and to explore what is possible within the expedited sector of the trucking industry. Inside the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Ind., professional drivers, independent contractors, owner-operators, fleet owners, industry vendors, motor carriers and those considering entering the industry came together to see what’s happening inside of the expedited trucking.

One of the highlights of the event was provided by ES, which served once again as the presenting sponsor of the Expedite Expo. The IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo, hosted by ES, attracted a full house of nearly 200 people within one of the event hall rooms in the Fort Wayne conference facility. The IN-SITE Dinner gave everyone in attendance an introduction to the ES Community in a relaxed atmosphere with great food and conversation, while also sharing a deep look inside of expediting as well as what is on the horizon across the overall trucking industry.

The IN-SITE Dinner event, with its presentation of information and guest speakers, offered a strong overview for the options and support that are available for achieving greater levels of success in trucking as a part of the ES Community. Jeff Tacker, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for ES, served as the master of ceremonies for the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo. Jeff provided the audience with a historical overview of expedited trucking while also sharing how ES company co-founders Paul and Jason Williams entered trucking and launched Expediter Services.

The 2022 edition of the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo was truly an exploration of possibilities within expediting, highlighting the paths that are available within the ES Community. Jeff welcomed representatives from FedEx Custom Critical and Panther Premium Logistics, a Service of ArcBest, to the podium to each greet the audience. FedEx Custom Critical and Panther Premium Logistics are two of the motor carriers within the ES Community, and both companies had a significant booth presence on the floor at the Expo.

The IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo also featured some timely remarks from Joe Kalafat, who is part of the ownership group for On Time Media – the company that developed the Expedite Expo and has hosted the annual event for more than 20 years. The audience also received an insightful update on what’s happening in the new equipment market from Nick Lengacher, who is the General manager for the New Haven, Ind., location of Stoops Freightliner and Truck Country.  As part of one of the largest truck dealerships in the country, Nick was able to relate the realities regarding the availability of new trucks as well as how Stoops and Truck Country work with the ES Community.

Before the event closed with a door prize drawing that included cash, Jeff took some time to talk about the programs and the support services from ES and how the company was built with a focus on looking at the industry from the truck level and up – always seeking to support the people behind the wheel within their respective operations. Jeff explained the ES motto of Never Stand Alone and how those words come to life within the ES Community. Jeff also shared what can be possible as a member of the ES Community by telling the audience:

“We’ve had people start inside our program with one truck and grow to 100-plus trucks. We’ve had other people decide they want to drive as an independent contract driver and not explore ownership, because that’s what they wanted to do. You have the ability to determine your path. The ES Community is here to help you pursue and achieve your dreams within this industry,” said Jeff. “With ES, we believe there is an opportunity for everyone in this room.

“Whether you’re an independent contract driver, an owner-operator or fleet owner, whether you’re a motor carrier, or, whether you’re a vendor, there’s an opportunity for everybody in this room,” Jeff added. “Through what we have shared with you at the IN-SITE Dinner, we want to make sure you get a glimpse of a vision that’s taking place in this industry and within our ES Community. We want you to know what’s possible, and that you can achieve new levels of success in trucking that are better for you and your family.”

If you missed us at the Expo, connect with us now by calling (877) 349-9303 or click here for more info. 

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