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The Power of Partnership With Stoops Freightliner & Nate Meyer

With SITE 2024 on the horizon, we sat down with Nate Meyer from Stoops Freightliner to discuss the truck market, and how their relationship with ES has helped provide aspiring owners an avenue to gain access to equipment without major delays.

Nate Meyer

Meyer, a long-time team member at Stoops, has seen the ups and downs of the truck market and has seen the impact that relationships like the one Stoops forged with Expediter Services over a decade ago have provided to those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

With equipment availability at a premium, Meyer points out that “you have to have a relationship with the dealership. By coming through ES and tapping into our well-established partnership, a pipeline of trucks that you wouldn’t have access to opens up.”

Stoops, like all of our amazing partners, is about more than just handing over the keys. They want to see our community members succeed, which is why we are excited to have them as a Title Sponsor for SITE 2024.

Nate, who attended the last SITE event in 2019, summed it up best – “The community aspect of SITE is what makes it special. When you attend, conversations happen that you might not have thought of.”

For those interested in joining the ES Community, Nate and the Stoops Freightliner team will be on hand at SITE 2024, running April 11-12 in Southaven, to answer questions and provide support as you jumpstart your business. Reserve your space now or call us at 888-495-5755

Nate Meyer From Stoops Freightliner Talks About SITE 2024

As we continue to countdown to SITE 2024, we were able to catch up with Nate Meyer, who works in Equipment Sales for Stoops Freightliner, a division of Truck Country. Stoops is one of the title sponsors for SITE 2024. Nate has been a part of the Stoops Team for many years and, as you’ll hear in our interview, Nate often has the honor of presenting the keys to members of the ES Community who are purchasing a truck through the programs available at ES. We caught up with Nate in his office in Fort Wayne through an online connection.

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