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The EGG at the Expo 2017

Another Expo. Another EGG is Hatching!

For the fourth consecutive year, Expediter Services is excited to host the EGG at the Expo on the evening of Friday, July 14th. Learn more! Once again, ES is the Title Sponsor of this year’s Expo and we’re looking forward to a great event.
If you’re unfamiliar with The EGG (Expediter Group Gathering), it’s an opportunity for Expediters to meet, network and get to know each other. We believe in personal relationships, and want to learn about each other, your business, and your goals.
This year’s EGG at the Expo features dinner and fellowship, giving us the opportunity to once again meet the people we know, and get to know those we don’t. The agenda of the EGG at the Expo will be to give thanks to everyone in the community, reflect on the outstanding history, and focus on all the growth opportunities for Contractors (Contract Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners). We will also discuss the future opportunities as we move ahead. Remember, you will receive Real Support, Real Programs, Real Services and the Real Community offered by Expediter Services, so you Never Stand Alone.
Space is limited, click here to register and to learn more about the EGG at the Expo. We look forward to seeing you here!

While you’re at The Expo Visit ES at Booth #235
and Expediter Truck Sales in the End Zone

Register now for the EGG, its FREE!

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