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Steve Glisson's 2012 Cascadia

Steve Glisson’s 2012 Cascadia

What’s the best reason to add a new truck to your fleet? Do you need another unit to expand your business? Will another truck create an economy of scale, allowing greater profits? Or maybe It’s just “time” to add another truck. Every Expediter has his or her own reasons. But Steve Glisson’s reason for adding a new truck to his fleet is for backup and long-term stability.
“Over the past couple of years I’ve built up a fleet, mostly of used equipment. I decided to add a 2012 Cascadia from Expediter Truck Sales as a backup just in case one of my trucks went down.” As many of you may remember, we spoke to Glisson in the July 2014 edition of Spotlight News.
Expediter Truck Sales

The concept of adding an additional truck as insurance to continue his business may seem a bit like overkill to some owners, but Glisson sees it differently. “When you’re carrying loads for an exacting customer like FedEx Custom Critical, you need to be ready to service that client at all times. This new truck will be earning money just like every other one in the fleet, but it will be good insurance in the event one of our older trucks goes down, my entire business model won’t be jeopardised. I feel it’s money well invested.”
Expediter Equipment Finance

Why does Glisson continue to supplement his fleet with a truck from Expediter Truck Sales? “We’ve relied on Expediter Truck Sales to help us create a redundancy in our fleet. Their inventory of used Class 8 trucks from Expediter Services fleet puts this ability within reach because of the great pricing of these units. It’s a great value all the way around. You combine that with their ability to finance your truck through Expediter Equipment Finance and you have an unbeatable combination. We also utilize all of the resources in ES’s Owner Operator program. It’s still the best business move I’ve ever made.”

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