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Spring EGG 2016: It Was a Good EGG!

ES-logo-short-72The Spring EGG 2016’s focus on truck sales yielded a success rate of over 80% in helping attending drivers to become owners, owners to become fleet owners and fleet owners to grow their fleets. In addition, several attendees committed to purchasing multiple units, and another committed to purchasing the first Volvo 780 factory dry Straight truck. Overall, it was a very good EGG on many levels!
ES was honored to welcome experts who discussed the state of the industry, and shared information about trends that will affect expediting in the short and long term. We were also glad to share with everyone the state of our company as we grow in 2016 and enhance our capabilities to service YOU.
Jeff Tacker, Vice President of Operations for Expediter Services was excited about the successful outcome of The Egg and the relationships formed at the event. “We’re always glad to help provide opportunities for anyone looking to own their own truck or grow their fleet. We also welcome the opportunity to meet new people, as well as old friends to create and strengthen close personal and professional relationships. We want to thank everyone who attended The EGG, and we look forward to serving you throughout the year. And remember, you don’t have to wait for the next EGG to make your dream of truck ownership a reality. This is what we do every day.”
Stay tuned for future Expediter Spotlight articles featuring success stories from the following people who attended the Spring 2016 EGG:
• Andy Dixon/Linda Polk — purchased their first custom dry unit to add to their fleet.
• Jimmy and Bobbi Moore — purchased their first custom refrigerated unit to add to their fleet.
• Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield — financed a brand new custom refrigerated unit to add to their fleet.
• Ed Summerville — purchased a factory dry unit to begin his process of upgrading his fleet.

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