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Service Coordinators Embody Never Stand Alone

For David Neese, a senior Service Coordinator at ES, being successful in this industry is more than metrics each month, quarter, or year.

“ES is incredibly unique,” stated David, in a recent podcast interview. “Yes, we look at numbers, after all, owners still need to get miles and make money. But our primary focus is on the person inside the cab, not just the truck and equipment.”

David Neese

“We’re looking through the windshield with them,” Neese added, “and that is one of the special things about our service coordinator role.” In many ways, the Service Coordinators at ES are the embodiment of the Never Stand Alone mentality.

Investment in relationships has been a proven formula since ES began in 2006. It has allowed our community to gain access to equipment, financing, and support, despite the ebbs and flow of truck and freight markets.

While ES is known for its business components, Neese was quick to point out that “we are a people company.” Success in trucking rides on several different factors, but it is driven by the men and women behind the wheel.

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Listen To David’s Interview

In our most recent spotlight interview, David Neese discusses the Service Coordinator role, and how it is uniquely designed to help fleet owners drive success.

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