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Relationships, Access, and The Expedite Expo with Danny Vernon

The past few years in the trucking industry have been highlighted by challenges, making surrounding yourself with a support system and investing in relationships increasingly valuable. 

With truck prices and interest rates on the rise, we sat down with Danny Vernon, Director of Truck Sales and Finance at Expediter Services, to discuss the current truck market and the role of relationships.

Danny Vernon

Danny is a straight shooter and didn’t pull any punches when we asked him about the current state of trucking, stating “the challenges facing owner-operators and fleet owners are real.”  

Throughout the conversation he emphasized that vehicle accessibility has been one of the biggest barriers to entry for years, but the recent economy of trucking has made it even more difficult unless you have either a large amount of capital or experience.

The relationship aspect is one that is often overlooked in truck financing, but for Danny and his team, it is an essential component. The ES model is one that revolves around what Danny refers to as “relationship lending.” Owner-operators are given the opportunity to prove themselves instead of being distilled down to a credit score and a down payment. 

Very few lenders provide an avenue that removes barriers and even fewer back that up with the support system like that found at ES. Unlike a traditional lender or dealership, the relationship doesn’t end once the ink is dry, a key differentiator for Danny. “Our motto is Never Stand Alone, and we stand by that.” Whether it is through business advice or the various discount programs, the relationship is the spark that drives everything in the ES Community.

Those relationships come from many different avenues. Some find ES on their own, some are connected through current community members, and others connect for the first time at events like the upcoming Expedite Expo.

When we asked Danny what he was most looking forward to at this year’s Expo, he was quick to respond, stating, “the opportunity to rub shoulders with our community and those interested in learning about ES is what the show is all about.” 

With several opportunities to connect with the ES team and community over the two-day event, the Expo has become a yearly highlight for Danny’s team. Danny did mention that once again, equipment would be on hand to give drivers a chance to see what they could potentially get into through a relationship with ES.

Danny and the ES Truck Sales team will be at booth #606 at this year’s Expedite Expo, but there are several ways to connect, such as the annual IN-SITE Dinner

Catch all the details and Danny’s thoughts on the importance of relationships in the truck lending business in our most recent podcast.

Danny Vernon Looks At The Truck Market Ahead of The Expedite Expo

Danny Vernon, the Director of Truck Sales and Finance at ES, will be our guest on this edition of the podcast. Danny will give his perspective on what’s happening in the truck market this year and you’ll also hear Danny share his thoughts on the value of having the opportunity to be face-to-face with the folks attending this year’s Expedite Expo.

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