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Using Communication To Overcome Challenges

Success in trucking is an incredibly broad term. For those launching their own trucking business, success is not so much a destination, but rather a journey of a million milestones. Having a co-pilot and partner in your corner is the key ingredient that ultimately drives success for Senior Service Coordinator, Patrick Bertrand.

Patrick Bertrand

In our most recent Spotlight interview, Patrick highlighted that Expediter Services is unique in the space, in that they are “walking people through the business and helping them learn the ins and outs of business,” rather than just handing them the keys and wishing them good luck.

“We pour ourselves into the contractors in our community,” Patrick stated, “something that you rarely see in this industry.”

The service coordinator team at ES is backed by decades of experience, but experience alone isn’t enough. Driving success means listening, taking in feedback, and “treating the relationship like a marriage.” This approach is one of the reasons that first time fleet owners have a high success rate within our programs.

Whether you are just starting your truck ownership journey, or are miles down the road, having a support system and team that has your back can help you learn and grow your business. Patrick’s interview is just the tip of the iceberg.

Learn more about our programs, services, and support that can help your business from day one by connecting with our team or give us a call at  877-349-9303.

Getting Know Our Team At ES: Meet Senior Service Coordinator Patrick Bertrand

In this episode, we get to know Patrick Bertrand, who is part of the Service Coordinator Team at ES. As you will hear, Patrick has been part of the ES Service Coordinator Team for many years and, like the other members of the Service Coordinator Team, Patrick is deeply invested in helping the members of the ES Community who are working to achieve their Success In Trucking.

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