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New IN-SITE Presentation Offers Look Inside Comprehensive Services Available Through The ES Community

In mid-July, Jeff Tacker from the ES Leadership Team made the most of an opportunity he had to speak about all the programs and support services that are available inside of the ES Community. Though he stood behind a podium, Jeff, who is the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for ES, made sure that he kept things conversational while clearly showing the company’s passion for helping professional drivers and aspiring trucking entrepreneurs. 

For those in the capacity audience who were learning about ES for the first time, Jeff’s presentation not only provided a closer look at the comprehensive set of services and opportunities that ES has developed in looking at the industry from the truck level up, but, most importantly, the information and inspiration Jeff shared through his words offered a view into the future and how success in trucking is achieved as part of the ES Community.

For those people in the audience who are already a part of the ES Community, Jeff’s presentation during the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo served as a great reminder of how ES has evolved and grown through the years to help independent contract drivers, owner-operators, fleet owners and truck entrepreneurs meet the challenges of running a successful business within an ever-changing trucking industry.

Jeff’s remarks served as a fitting exclamation point on the first day of the Expedite Expo, which was held this year in Fort Wayne, Ind. Just as the company had done in past years, ES hosted the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo, bringing together current ES Community members with newcomers to the event who expressed an interest in learning more about the wide variety of programs and services available from ES.

Spotlight News was also on the ground at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne for the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo. The Spotlight News video team recorded the presentations by the evening’s speakers, and our video team has put together a streamlined edition of Jeff’s presentation to share with you through Spotlight News.

Jeff told the packed house that, without question, there are a lot of challenges and uncertainty in the world today. But, as you’ll see through the video, Jeff was able to offer those in the audience (and those who watch the video) a sense of hope through the comprehensive offerings available through the ES Community. What Jeff shares through the video is another example of the deep sense of dedication that ES has to helping professional drivers and trucking entrepreneurs to Never Stand Alone and to help them realize their dreams while achieving greater levels of success in trucking.

Spotlight News invites you to watch our Highlights From the 2022 IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo featuring Jeff Tacker, the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for ES. If you are inspired by the video and want to grow your business give the team at ES a call at 877-349-9303 or contact us.

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