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Leveraging the Power of the PTO

new expediter services logoIn 2016, William Boettner chose Panther Premium Logistics as his motor carrier. He had performed a lot of research about what would be his next career move and hauling expedited freight looked like a good opportunity. He soon found out that other opportunities awaited him as he learned about ES’s PTO (Path to Ownership). This path led him to a great deal on truck finance, and he soon leveraged this opportunity to start building a fleet. Read more to see how he leveraged the power of the PTO to be come a Success In Trucking.

How did you get started in transportation? I started my transportation career back in the early 1990’s. I worked construction and had gotten injured, that’s when I decided to get my CDL. After graduating from trucking school, I went to work with a transportation company. Over the next year or so, I pursued several opportunities with various trucking firms looking for the right fit. I drove over-the-road and then decided to drive locally to be near my kids. Once my children got older, I went back to driving over-the-road again.

Tell us about your Path to Ownership for your first truck? About three years ago, I wound up getting into a traditional lease purchase, which turned out to be a real fiasco. The lease purchase company would never stand behind their truck and they gave absolutely no business support whatsoever. I walked away from the lease and actually purchased a truck of my own. The truck soon began to have some issues, but I stuck with it. At about this time, I signed on with Panther Premium Logistics who had recently begun to promote ES’s PTO program. I had done a lot of research about companies that I wanted to work with and Panther was at the top of the list. It’s a great place to be and I definitely made the right decision coming here. The fact that they utilize ES’s PTO to help owners realize their dream was icing on the cake.

path to ownershipThe folks at Panther told me about the Path to Ownership and recommended that I take a look at the program. This sounded good since I wasn’t really happy with the truck I just bought. Also, I knew a couple of contractors at Panther who had taken the PTO and their trucks were really nice — and they had gotten great financing from ES Equipment Finance. I was soon in touch with the ES team. They said I could use the revenue numbers I had generated with the truck I already owned and brought to Panther in order to get qualified. This sounded like a no lose proposition to get into a better truck with better financing and support. It was just that much better… so I soon began my Path To Ownership. During this time, ES evaluated my attitude, aptitude, work ethic, and earning performance with Panther.

It wasn’t long before I got a call from ES telling me that my earnings looked good and asked if I was ready to complete my Path to Ownership. The answer was a definite YES! I soon got in touch with Danny Vernon, ES Truck Sales Manager and he helped me source a brand new 2019 Western Star. The truck was fully loaded and also had a Comfort Air APU, which helps me save on fuel. I submitted my paperwork to ES Equipment Finance and fulfilled a list of requirements. It wasn’t long before I got my approval and the truck was mine! The process was straight forward and actually quite easy. The ES team was very helpful throughout the entire buying process.

Tell us about purchasing your second truck from ES? After operating my first truck purchased under the PTO for a year, I decided that I wanted to start building a fleet. The process was a bit different than the first time around in the fact that I now had a track record with ES and a relationship, making them familiar with my work history and how I run my business. After telling ES about my plans, they conducted a stringent analysis of my past performance based on my attitude, aptitude and work history to make sure I was ready. I found this process helpful because it provided me with a solid evaluation of my own abilities of how much I’ve achieved over the last year.

never stand alongBased on my analysis and evaluation, I got the green light to grow my fleet. I once again got with Danny Vernon at ES Truck Sales and he found me a very nice low mileage 2017 Western Star. It was also well equipped just like my first one and it too had a Comfort Air APU. I submitted my paperwork to ES Equipment Finance and it wasn’t long before I was approved. The entire process was just as easy as the first time.

ES’s PTO program is a terrific way for someone to not only own a truck, but to build on their success if they choose to. The ES team has always been there with discounts on fuel, insurance, maintenance and more, so I Never Stand Alone. I would recommend the PTO at Panther to anyone looking to become an owner-operator. There’s just no where else out there that can get you into a truck like ES and Panther.

I’ve been able to do some really neat things at Panther with my new truck, including driving the Egyptian mummies to the “Mummies of the World” exhibit at the Arizona Science Center. It was such a great opportunity and it keeps things interesting. It certainly was a thriller! Watch the video here and here.


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