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From Sprinter to Expediter

Some folks compare the Expediting business to a marathon rather than a sprint. But some people actually get into Expediting from a “sprint” — a Sprinter van that is! Such is the story of Lee Burkhalter who recently made the leap into a slightly used 2012 Cascadia from Expediter Services’ very own fleet.

“I’ve been running a Sprinter van for a couple of years and business has been pretty good, but its hard to ignore the income potential of the Class 8 trucks,’ said Burkhalter. “I decided that in order to take my business to the next level I would need to upgrade. I contacted Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales who sourced a great used 2012 Cascadia. ES just makes the buying process so easy — they have the inventory readily available that includes maintenance records, so you know the truck has been taken care of. And Expediter Equipment Finance means I can get everything done at one time. The entire process was straight forward and hassle free.”

Burkhalter has big plans for the new unit that includes building a fleet. “I already have a driver in place to run my new truck. I’ve signed on with PTL as our carrier and we should be hitting the road within the next couple of weeks. Short term, my plan is to build a fleet of five trucks by the end of the year and there is no telling how large it will eventually grow over time. Expediter Services’ Owner Operator program definitely factors into our growth plans because of their back office support that lets us focus on driving and generating revenue. The fuel card is also a real plus, too.”
The moral of this story? Even if you’re a “sprinter”, Expediter Services can help you upgrade!Expediter Truck Sales

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