IN-SITE 2020

Trucking In The COVID-19 Era: Starting & Building Your Own Trucking Business

Tue, Jul 21, 2020 2:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM CDT)

ES is pleased to present the IN-SITE 2020 Webinar Series, which will debut with an expert panel discussing Trucking In The COVID-19 Era. This session will focus on the challenges and opportunities of starting a trucking business or growing a trucking business at this point in time.

Like all the programs found within the IN-SITE 2020 Online Series, our webinars will be focused on the needs of contract drivers, owner-operators and fleet owners. IN-SITE 2020 will also seek to reach out to professional drivers who are looking to become truck owners. IN-SITE 2020 will be offered at no cost to participants.

Stoops Freightliner is serving as the title sponsor for the series. Through IN-SITE 2020, ES has secured subject-matter experts for the series who can address the changes, challenges and opportunities that are present in a rapidly changing transportation market.

Our Expert Panel 

Jason Williams
Expediter Services

Jeff Tacker
Expediter Services

Leah Shaver
President & CEO
National Transportation Institute

Ellen Voie
President & CEO
Women in Trucking Association

Colton Lawrence
President & CEO
Equinox Business Solutions

Nate Meyer
Equipment Sales
Stoops Freightliner

NTI President & CEO Leah Shaver Discusses Impact of COVID-19 On The Trucking Market

In the second edition of the IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series, we’ll be talking with Leah Shaver, the President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute. Leah is one of the trucking industry’s leading experts on compensation for professional drivers and owner-operators. For our IN-SITE 2020 Podcast interview, we talked with Leah to get her perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on the trucking market, and we also discussed the prospects for the future within the trucking market as we move forward. In addition, we asked Leah about the considerations for becoming an owner-operator in the current market, and we talked about the programs and support that are available to aspiring owner-operators and small trucking businesses through the ES Community.

Our podcast conversation with Leah was a timely one. Earlier this year, Leah started a new chapter in her tenure as an executive leader by becoming the President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI) – the company where Leah had served as the Chief Operating Officer for many years. Through NTI, Leah leads a company that is well-respected for its ability to analyze market trends in the trucking industry with a focus on providing accurate and authoritative mission-critical benchmarks to truckload carriers.

During a career in trucking that spans nearly 20 years, Leah has become a leading advocate for promoting opportunities for women in all roles across the trucking industry. Leah serves on the executive committee on the Board of Directors for the Women In Trucking Association. As you’ll hear during the podcast, Leah is continually interacting with professional drivers. In addition to establishing a strong presence on social media, Leah is part of the SiriusXM Satellite Radio Team, serving as a national host on Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146. Leah has worked with fellow Road Dog Trucking Radio host K.C. Phillips to develop the very popular Payday! with Leah Shaver monthly segment that can be heard on Road Dog Live.

The IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series is pleased to have Stoops Freightliner as our title sponsor. Through the IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series, we’re placing a spotlight on key issues and opportunities within the trucking industry while also highlighting members of the ES Community.

IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series Sponsored By Stoops Freightliner

EPISODE 2: NTI President & CEO Leah Shaver Discusses Impact of COVID-19 On Trucking

IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Debut Focuses on Meeting Today’s Business Challenges

ES is proud to introduce the IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series as part of our IN-SITE 2020 program. In this debut edition of the podcast series, IN-SITE 2020 will focus on some of the added business considerations and challenges that owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners must address as part of operating during a global pandemic. Colton Lawrence, the CEO of Equinox Business Solutions, will be our featured guest on the debut of the podcast.

Colton is an industry expert in the areas of tax, accounting and business advisory within trucking. As you’ll hear, Colton has a firm grasp of the key topics that are impacting trucking business owners and the professionals behind the wheel in 2020.

Colton and his team at Equinox are proud members of the ES Community. Colton and the Equinox Team have built an impressive track record in their work with owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners within the ES Community and throughout the trucking industry. A staunch supporter of the gig economy, Colton believes there is a path to profitably operating a small fleet or single truck operation in transportation.

While this edition of the IN-SITE 2020 Podcast discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and touches on efforts like the CARES Act, Colton also shares the kind of expertise that can help trucking business owners with both their short-term and long-range goals.

IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Series Sponsored By Stoops Freightliner

IN-SITE 2020 Podcast Debut Focuses on Meeting Today’s Business Challenges

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Video Podcast Introduces IN-SITE 2020 Program

Jason Williams, the President of ES, is our guest for a special video edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast. In this April 8th interview, Jason discusses the response by the trucking industry and the ES Community to the COVID-19 National Emergency. Jason also looks ahead to what ES is planning for the INSITE 2020 online series.