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For those of us who keep up with the latest trucking industry trends, the current driver’s shortage in the U.S. is familiar news. When you combine this shortage with the recent rise in demand for freight, you have a recipe for volatility — and opportunity. So when David Neese, Expediter Services’ Recruiter was asked to accompany representatives from FEDEX Custom Critical to address a newly formed class of driving students at Craven Community College in Bern, North Carolina to discuss these opportunities, he jumped at the chance!

Why did FEDEX Custom Critical want to address students at Craven Community College?

Craven Community College recently introduced a new driving class to help prospective drivers earn their CDL and they wanted to provide students with information about the opportunities they offer to new drivers.  This was Craven’s inaugural class made up of 11 students from diverse backgrounds. FEDEX provided information about their various programs for independent contractors and owner operators.

Why was Expediter Services asked to accompany FEDEX for this presentation?

We were asked to support FEDEX Custom Critical by presenting programs for contractors and owner operators through the eyes of Expediter Services. I spoke about how trucking has changed over the years and how the shortage of drivers and the increased demand in freight was opening up long-term opportunities for contractors and owners. It was a great opportunity to share how Expediter Services supports FEDEX Custom Critical’s efforts.

What were some of the other topics discussed?

FEDEX and I talked about the importance of safety and regulations in the industry. Students were also very interested to know about how owner operators could get started and make money, even if they didn’t own their own equipment at first. I shared with them how many successful owner operators and fleet owners had started out as contractors, learned the business, then used Expediter Equipment Finance to purchase their own truck. They were pleasantly surprised to find out that Expediter Services provides real ownership opportunities by taking a driver’s work history into account when financing a truck. I also was able to allay student’s misgivings and fears about getting started in expediting by explaining how contractors and owners who are affiliated with Expediter Services Never Stand Alone because of our support services and programs, such as the Owner Operator Program and our Circle of Success marketing strategy.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your visit?

Absolutely! Craven’s new driving class is open to anyone who is interested in becoming a driver and accessing the opportunities in trucking. The school is also partnering with the military to help train personnel transitioning into civilian life. Nearby Fort Cherry is just one military facility that will benefit. The driving class will provide opportunities that otherwise may not be readily accessible to those entering back into the civilian workforce. As a matter of fact, there was one student finishing up their CDL who was going to run for fleet owner Padriaca Prude who runs under our Owner Operator program. (read his story here)
It was a true privilege to get to support FEDEX Custom Critical and share the many opportunities that Expediter Services has to offer new drivers who drive straight trucks or tractors.

Visit Craven Community College for more information about their driving school.

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