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Get To Know Our Service Coordinators: Allen Fisher

So much in trucking revolves around business, profitability, and ultimately success. It is a recipe that many organizations have tried to perfect over the years, and it is one that the ES team continues to improve upon. The secret ingredient for Allen Fisher and other members of the ES Service Coordinator team, is their focus on the person behind the wheel just as much as the truck and the business components. 

Allen Fisher

In Allen’s case, he has seen the importance of relationships stretching all the way back to his grandfather’s trucking business, where the industry became part of his DNA. The passion instilled at a young age led to 18 years behind the wheel, where he persevered through the challenges of this industry, and learned the value, firsthand, of having a helping hand – in business and in life.

“We are just people doing business with people,” Allen said in our most recent podcast. “Relationships, regardless of industry are all the same…they all take time and consistency. And that is what we try to bring to the table every day as Service Coordinators.”

The willingness to find the answer, and use the resources available, is one of the biggest benefits of joining the ES community, according to Allen. “You don’t just get a partner that wants to see you succeed in business, but one that wants you to succeed in life.

We encourage you to connect with Allen and other members of the ES team anytime you need help with business-related items, or if you just need a friendly voice on the other side of the phone. 

We are proud to have Allen as part of the ES team, his experience and knowledge are an incredible asset to anyone in the ES community.

Listen To Allen’s Interview

In our most recent spotlight interview, Allen discussed his role as a service coordinator, the importance of relationships in business, and the most rewarding aspects of the job.

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