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Expediter Services Introduces Vendor Network Services Division & ES Advantage Program Providing Comprehensive Services, Discounts & Benefits for Owner-Operators & Small Trucking Businesses

Through this new company division and the ES Advantage Program, Expediter Services (ES) is utilizing its experience and strong vendor network built over the company’s 15-year history to establish a comprehensive program offering a wide range of services, discounts and other benefits that are focused on the needs of owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – June 3, 2021Expediter Services (ES), a leader in capacity solutions and ownership opportunities within the trucking industry, is pleased to announce that the company has developed a Vendor Network Services division, which will be introducing the ES Advantage Program. In creating the ES Advantage, ES is utilizing its experience and a strong vendor network built over the company’s 15-year history to establish a comprehensive program offering a wide range of services, discounts and other benefits that are focused on the needs of owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners.

The ES Advantage Program is a further extension of the offerings available to members of the ES Community, which was first established by ES to serve as a support platform for the owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners utilizing the truck ownership programs available from the company. Over the years, the ES Community has expanded its scope of offerings, services and benefits, growing its vendor network and its overall number of participants. Today, the ES Community totals more than 10,000 members, and, in addition to the owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners in ES programs, the ES Community now includes all the motor carriers, service providers and companies that have established working relationships with ES.

“From the very beginnings of our company, ES has always worked toward a vision to create a community of vendors and partners that would provide discounts to level the playing field for owner-operators, independent contractors and small fleets. That vision was one of the inspirations that led us to start the ES Community, and we view the ES Advantage Program as the next step for providing the support and services trucking business owners need within our industry,” said ES President Jason Williams. “Through our experiences in working with small businesses over the years, we have specifically designed the ES Advantage Program to be a platform that can assist trucking businesses to reduce costs and drive bottom-line profits, allowing them to compete in the market and be more profitable at the truck level.”

“We are committed to making a difference for our industry’s small business owners, and we have added depth to our team to help us in continuing to move the ES Advantage forward in the market.”
~ES President Jason Williams

Through the ES Advantage Program, participants will have access to one of the trucking industry’s strongest fuel networks with discounts at over 1,100 locations nationwide, providing ES Advantage members with savings of up to $1,000 per month on fuel purchases.

Along with the fuel discounts, the ES Advantage also offers members shop discounts with below-market hourly rates for repairs, including significant discounts for preventive maintenance work and oil changes at major truck stop chains. Further addressing maintenance with tires, ES Advantage members can save up to $135 per tire off the retail price.

Through its experience in the industry, ES understands the importance of going beyond discount offerings to provide a comprehensive set of services to best position members of the ES Community for success in trucking. For the ES Advantage Program, members will have access to insurance from a low-cost provider with the broadest range of offerings.

The insurance coverages available within the ES Advantage program include physical damage, non-trucking liability, occupational accident and workers’ compensation. The ES Advantage program also has an insurance option available that is focused on addressing issues related to business overhead expenses.

As part of the comprehensive offerings from the ES Advantage, members will also receive national account pricing for toll management, prepaid legal services and online safety training. According to company officials, gasoline discounts will be among the next set of offerings available through the ES Advantage Program.

“In establishing our Vendor Network Services division and in launching the ES Advantage Program, our team at ES is calling upon our years of experience in the industry. In addition, we are looking at what we see on the horizon that can benefit owner-operators, independent contractors and fleet owners – the small business interests in trucking,” said Williams. “We are committed to making a difference for our industry’s small business owners, and we have added depth to our team to help us in continuing to move the ES Advantage forward in the market. Our rollout of the ES Advantage is just a starting point. We plan to continue to bring additional programs and services to the market that will benefit ES Advantage program participants and our ES Community as a whole.”

Jeff Reese, who joined ES in January, is one of the new additions to the company noted by Williams. With over 20 years of experience consulting with transportation companies in the areas of equipment finance and leasing, fuel cards and financial technology solutions, Reese joined ES as the Director of Sales and Marketing for the company’s Vendor Services Network Division. In addition to handling the sales and marketing efforts for the ES Advantage Program, Reese will oversee the management of the relationships with the ES vendor community while also continuing to expand the offerings of the program.

Reese was already quite familiar with ES, serving as a long-time vendor representative who worked with the ES leadership team on developing a fuel card solution that the company successfully introduced for use within the ES Community.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the ES organization, and I have deep respect for the dedication ES has always had toward taking care of the owner-operators and small fleets in the ES Community,” said Reese. “In working with ES as a vendor, it was always clear to me that, if a deal wasn’t good for the truck owners, then it was not good enough for ES. One of the reasons that ES has gained a strong position of respect within the trucking industry is that ES is committed to doing things the right way. As the company motto says, ‘With ES, You Never Stand Alone.’”

April Holland, a member of the ES Team from the company’s earliest days who has served successfully in many roles during her tenure at ES, will be managing the customer service areas of the ES Advantage Program. A specialist in customer service, Holland has been an integral contributor in the development of the customer relations aspects of the ES Advantage.

As the company begins the rollout of the program to the trucking industry, the ES Advantage Team also includes Mary Miller, who started in August 2020 and has been instrumental in servicing our customers, and Lisa Marshall, who is a recent addition to ES. Terri Bridges, a long-term employee who has been in our accounting department functioning as a Settlement Administrator, will be transitioning to the VNS department within the next 60 days. Company officials note that the ES Advantage Team has plans to expand its number of staff members as the program’s growth moves forward.

“With the ES Advantage, we’ve been working since the beginning of the year to build our team and prepare for the rollout of the program to the industry. As Jason noted, we are building off the strong foundation ES has established with its network of over 10,000 members and service providers within the ES Community,” said Reese. “As we introduce the ES Advantage to the market, our focus as a team will be to deliver an unrivaled set of advantages to all those who will join our program. We have a tested and proven program in place that will result in greater profitability for trucking businesses utilizing the ES Advantage. We are looking forward to working hard and making great things happen for the small business owners in the trucking industry.”

The ES Advantage Team has established a website that provides details on the program and offers the opportunity to connect with ES to learn more about the ES Advantage. For more information on the ES Advantage, visit

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