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ES was in the Big D with WIT!

We’re once again excited to have attended the Accelerate! Conference & Expo 2019, sponsored by the Women in Trucking Association. This year’s conference took place in Dallas, Texas. The attendees were comprised of a large and diverse crowd of women and men, ready to learn how gender diversity can have a positive impact on careers and a company’s success. We enjoyed meeting everyone who visited our booth!

Our Commitment to Diversity and Opportunity

ES has established a reputation in the industry for opening doors for women who are seeking to become business owners in trucking. Today, the number of women within the ES Community who are fleet owners, owner-operators or independent contract drivers involved in the programs offered by the company now exceeds 38 percent. When compared to the overall industry average of women behind the wheel, the percentage of women participating in the ES truck ownership programs and utilizing the company’s support services is nearly five times greater than the current national average.

We are committed to the 150 Women-Owned Business Challenge, having helped create 85 women-owned businesses in the last year alone. We look forward to providing even more support and opportunities to help women become owners in the future, so you Never Stand Alone.

Securing Opportunity into the Future for Everyone

In anticipation of future growth, the ES recruiting team recently moved into their new offices. Recruiting is an important service that we offer and we wanted to make the recruiting process as streamlined as possible in order to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life. The new recruiting office is located just off of the HUB contractor lounge, so it’s easy to get to and its accessible to anyone who visits. Click to learn more about The Hub.

To insure that the ES team will be able to service you well into the future, the entire upper floor of the ES operational headquarters has been expanded to include additional office space. We’re looking forward to the road ahead as we make plans for helping you with your success.

Our recruiting team is ready to serve you! Contact us at 877-349-9303, ext. 4

The SITE 2020

Site 2019 was so successful, we’re doing it again next year on June 5 & 6, once again at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Save the date for SITE 2020. Call for more information at 877-349-9303.

All of ES’s expansion and growth have been developed with your success in mind. We believe in the power of the individual and we’re here to help you succeed your way.

Check out the photos below to learn more and to see what happened at the Accelerate! Conference 2019.


ES is working for You!

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