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ES Community Member Hyfield Trucking Utilizes Services & Support of ES During 35-Percent Growth Run

With this edition of Spotlight News, we wanted to share a recent conversation with the leaders of Hyfield Trucking, a great example of a fleet that has utilized the services and support within the ES Community. Eric Hyfield and Patrick Lee launched their career in trucking through one of the earliest truck ownership programs offered by ES.

As the Hyfield Trucking operation began to grow from Eric and Patrick’s one expediter truck, Frank Rebelo started driving with Hyfield. Now, a few years down the road, Eric, Patrick and Frank oversee a Hyfield fleet that features more than 80 trucks. Our video crew caught up with the Hyfield Leadership Team at the Expedite Expo, and we were able to have a deep conversation with them about the company’s track record of success and the support that Hyfield Trucking has received as part of the ES Community.

Amazingly, as you’ll see in the video, Hyfield managed to grow its fleet by 35 percent since the arrival of the global pandemic in March of 2020. The leaders of Hyfield share a number of insightful observations about the resources and advice that they received from the executives and staff at ES. As a result of the wise counsel the Hyfield Fleet received from ES, they were able to smoothly implement changes within their systems and overall operations that eased many of the growing pains they were experiencing while they pursued opportunities to build on their success.

As you’ll see, the reflections shared by the Hyfield Leadership Team truly reflect the strength of the ES Community and the fact that you Never Stand Alone with ES.

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