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ES: A Strong Community with Intertwining Roots

We all know that the transportation industry has experienced rough times over the past year. And with the introduction of the Covid-19 virus into the continental United States, the economy, and life as we know it has taken a dramatic turn towards a slowdown and “social distancing”. As a result, many of us are feeling the ripple effects of this unprecedented disruption.

In uncertain times, it’s often our faith and the support of our families that helps us cope with the everyday struggles in life. But when it comes to your business, you can count on the ES community, made up of carriers, vendors and people, to help provide the support you need to not only survive, but to thrive during times of difficult freight and even economic turmoil.

Think of the ES community as the roots of the giant redwood trees that live along the Pacific coastline. Each of these trees have the potential to grow and thrive for thousands of years. When viewed from a distance, redwoods look like they grow majestically as individuals at heights of up to three hundred and fifty feet tall. But scientific studies have shown that each redwood tree is interconnected to each other via a strong intertwining root system. This community structure helps stabilize against storms and erosion. The interconnectivity is the key to their success as a species — they support each other; just like ES supports YOU, no matter the road ahead, so you Never Stand Alone! ES is optimistic about You, the resilience of the American economy and the future of freight! 

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