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Conversations At The Expo Can Lead To New & Growing Opportunities

Over the past few weeks, Spotlight News has placed a strong focus on the annual Expedite Expo. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to attend the Expedite Expo over the past two decades, we wanted to provide you with some insights on why this event has become an important gathering place for the expedited trucking community since it was first launched.

The Expedite Expo, which is hosted by On Time Media, offers countless opportunities for conversations to begin.

And many of the conversations that are started at the Expo will lead to opportunities for business growth for those who attend the event. This is one of the many reasons that ES has served as the presenting sponsor of the Expedite Expo for several years now, and it’s among the leading reasons that ES has featured the largest booth presence at the Expo as well.

During this year’s Expo, Spotlight News had a video crew onsite to record some of our conversations with Expo attendees. Our recording sessions especially focused on people within the ES Community and those who are connected to the ES Community through their companies and organizations.

As you’ll see from the first video that we are sharing from our time at this year’s Expedite Expo, we are able to highlight the power of conversation and the connections that can be made when people are able to gather together in a community setting. One of the best features of our first video from our time at this year’s event in Fort Wayne is that it is presented to speak to those people who were not able to attend this year’s Expo.

Through the video featured below, you’ll hear from a collection of people who were at the Expo discussing how conversations that were started with ES over the years have led to new opportunities and business growth. For example, we feature a portion of our interview with Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT). Ellen highlights the impact that has been made through the 150 Business Challenge, the collaborative initiative between ES and WIT to create 150 women-owned businesses in transportation. This program, which has created more than 140 women-owned businesses to date, is on track to reach the goal of 150 before the end of 2022.

Our latest video also provides some perspective on what’s happening in the truck market and how ES is well-positioned to assist new entrants to the programs from ES as well as current members of the ES Community. You will hear part of our interview with Nate Meyer, who is part of the Equipment Sales Team at Stoops Freightliner. Nate has worked with ES for many years, and Stoops Freightliner & Truck Country is one of largest truck dealerships in North America. Nate’s comments in the video are very timely and they outline quite well the advantages of working with ES through the Path To Ownership and other programs available from ES.

For those of you who would like to see some perspective from current ES Community members who have utilized the programs from ES to grow their business, this video will bring you the observations of Joe and Carol Shelton. While Spotlight News did an extended interview with Joe and Carol to hear their story of how ES was there for them at the start of their trucking careers, the comments from the Sheltons featured in the video show the path that’s possible when working with ES. As you will hear, the Sheltons, in becoming part of the ES Community, went from being contract drivers to building a business and now owning a small fleet of expedited trucks.

David Withers, the Senior Director of Operations & Recruiting at ES, summed up the power of the conversations that began at the Expo by noting that a conversation can be the beginning for the start of a lasting relationship. As David explains in the video, ES is always reaching out to people in the industry and those who are interested in the industry. As David points out in his closing comments, this video can be a conversation starter of its own. After you watch the video, you may be inspired to reach out and give the team at ES a call at 877-349-9303.

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