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Comprehensive Makeover of ES Website Focused On Effectively Delivering Information To The ES Community & The Trucking Market

Podcast: Take An Audio Tour of

In this edition of the Success In Trucking Podcast Powered By ES, we will be taking an audio tour of the comprehensive update to the website. Jeff Reese, who is the Director of Sales & Marketing for ES Vendor Network Services, will be our guest on the podcast, and Jeff will serve as our tour guide.

For our regular readers of Spotlight News, we are certain that you noticed the comprehensive makeover that ES released to the company’s website,

If you have had an opportunity to spend some time looking at the updates that ES has made to, you will see that the company’s new online platform features a fresh look that is reflective of the steady growth by ES throughout its 16-year history. The website also speaks directly to the continued expansion of service offerings that are tailored to help independent contract drivers, owner-operators, fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs build and grow their respective trucking businesses.

Through the updates to, ES worked with its web design team to provide trucking professionals with a website that is easy to navigate and serves information in a concise fashion that is well presented on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. The front page of establishes the approach the company has taken with its new website by presenting the variety of offerings from ES and inviting website visitors to click and learn more.

In addition to presenting call-out sections for people who are new to the industry, to those trucking professionals looking to start their own small business or current owner-operators or fleet owners seeking to expand their current businesses, details the broad range of trucking support services offered through the company to program participants and members of the ES Community. Those trucking support services include truck financing, insurance solutions, legal services, operational support and an ongoing safety education along with a comprehensive discount and support program designed specifically for owner-operators, independent contract drivers and fleet owners to assist these trucking professionals in driving savings to the bottom line of their respective businesses.

“When we began our effort to make a comprehensive update to, we believed it was not only important to detail to the trucking industry and to the general marketplace who we are and what ES does as a company, but we also wanted to highlight the fact that ES has established a proven model that provides opportunities and services that can support contract drivers, owner-operators and fleet owners across the industry,” said ES CEO and Co-Founder Jason Williams.

The Community of Success section on the home page of provides a quick look at the results that have been delivered through the programs and services offered through ES. The professional drivers utilizing the comprehensive offerings available within the ES Community now stands at more than 15,000. ES, serving as a small business generator, has helped more than 1,000 professional drivers to launch a trucking business. Looking at the savings available through what ES has in place, the total savings realized by the members of the ES Community currently stands at $100 million per year.

“As we look at today, it speaks to how we have grown and expanded to meet a number of real needs in the trucking industry,” said Williams. “ also shows how we have evolved as a company. When we started in 2006, we cut our teeth in the expediting sector of the trucking industry, which gave us a safe place to develop our model with some great carrier partners. Over the past few years, we’ve been able to build relationships that allowed us to move into opportunities within the truckload and less-than-truckload sectors of the industry. We believe that has our company well positioned to meet the needs of all the trucking professionals we currently serve, and we believe it will also help open the doors to future opportunities for our company.””

For those who are new to the ES Community, we would like to share some information about the company. ES is a full-service, one-stop support company with expertise in financial services, financial technology, relationship lending and general business support, ES has developed highly effective programs focused on creating opportunities for independent contract drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners in the trucking industry (including the Expedited, LTL, and TL sectors). ES features support in the areas of contract driver services, equipment financing and leasing, truck sales, management services, insurance services, and discount programs. In addition to serving as the leading provider of capacity in the expedited sector of trucking, ES also has built a strong network of independent contract drivers, owner-operators, fleet owners and partner carriers within the over-the-road, general trucking sector of the transportation industry and is quickly becoming a market leader.

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