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Four Pillars of the ES Lease Purchase Program

April 10, 2023

Procuring fleet equipment is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for owner-operators that are trying to start or grow their own business but do not have the funds to put towards a large down payment on equipment. Traditionally, lease purchase programs have filled the role of putting business minded drivers into equipment with fewer barriers to entry, but in today’s trucking landscape, finding a lease purchase partner can be filled with one challenge after another.

On the surface, many programs appear to have the owner-operator’s best interest in mind, only to place hurdle after hurdle along the Path to Success. At ES, we value the individual and know that with the right network and support in place anyone can succeed in this industry.

About The ES Program

You don’t have to search far and wide to find owner-operators that have some experience (good or bad) with a lease purchase program. Over the last decade or so, lease purchase programs have opened the door to truck ownership for thousands of drivers that otherwise would not have qualified for traditional truck financing.

At the same time, programs have used and abused those same owner-operators with high total cost of ownership, patchwork support systems, and lease structures that almost guarantee failure.

Regardless of your experience, you may be asking yourself – “What makes ES different?”


Just about every lease purchase provider will tout transparency as a core differentiating factor. The truth, however, is that very few providers actually pull back the curtain and show pieces like cost of funds, aka interest fees, original vehicle purchase price, and clear off ramps.

These are critical pieces of information that have a lasting impact on the success of your business as well as your equity position and overall wealth accumulation. Our belief is that there shouldn’t be smoke and mirrors when signing a lease purchase agreement. You should have all relevant information at your fingertips so that you can make the best decision for you, your family, and your business.


No money down options aren’t uncommon in the lease purchase world, but most are filled with one pitfall after another that are regularly glossed over because they only benefit the lease purchase provider. Don’t get us wrong, no money down is an immediate attention grabber, but ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the end of the lease look like?
  • Is there a balloon payment?
  • If you can’t come up with a lump sum or financing, do you have other options?

Any lease purchase provider that is worth their salt will help you look at the entire picture, not just the piece that gets your attention. While we also offer a no money down option, you won’t find balloon payments within our Lease Purchase Ownership program.

Most owners in the ES program simply opt to keep paying the same amount as their typical lease payment until the vehicle is paid off. This helps you keep your cost of funds much lower than the industry average and removes the burden of coming up with a lump sum.


We know that our success is solely dependent on the success of the men and women that operate within our program. This is why we don’t just hand you the keys and hope that you succeed. Every driver that comes through our doors is evaluated on Attitude, Aptitude, Work Ethic, and Work History. 

Our unique approach means that some people do not qualify from time to time, but if you put in the work and use the resources available through ES, you will be well on your way to success.


Trucks break down, family emergencies pop up, life happens, and we understand that each of those impacts your business. As you are researching lease purchase programs, look closely at the support networks that each provider has in place. Far too many offer little – if any – support to owner-operators. We have simply chosen a different path.

We believe that with the right support system in place, anyone willing to put in the work can succeed in trucking. We invest in our services, discounts, tools, backend support team, strategic partnerships, and much more so we can build a community of support that brings together all the resources you need to help your business achieve long-term profitable and sustainable success.

Participants in the ES Lease Purchase Program also benefit from the powerful partnerships ES has with large carriers that have the ability to generate strong, consistent revenues.

Find Your Success in Trucking With ES

For any owner-operator currently exploring lease purchase options, we highly encourage you to do your homework. Find a provider that puts structures in place to help LIFT you up, and don’t compromise when your business and livelihood are on the line. 

To learn more about ES, call our team at (877) 349-9303, option 4 or connect with our team online. With ES by your side, you will NEVER STAND ALONE.

Women-Owned Business Initiative Shines at WIT’s Accelerate Conference

December 13, 2022

The grit and determination shown by participants in the 150 Business Challenge program served as a focal point for ES Co-Founder and CEO Jason Williams when he shared the news with the Accelerate Conference audience that ES had reached the goal of assisting in the creation of 150 women-owned businesses in trucking.

In listening to Jason’s remarks at Accelerate, it was clear that the success in trucking realized by those who used the 150 Business Challenge as the launching point for truck ownership and business creation provided the kind of proven track record that inspired the ES Leadership Team to make the commitment to continue the effort and go beyond the initial challenge.

The video above features Jason’s time on the main stage at Accelerate as well as interviews discussing the 150 Business Challenge and the company’s continued commitment through the Women-Owned Business Initiative. During the video, you will hear Women In Trucking Association President & CEO Ellen Voie praise the work of ES and the program participants, noting how this initiative fully supports the primary mission of the Women In Trucking Association by creating more opportunities for women.

While the audience hearing the news during Jason’s time at the podium reacted with a strong round of applause, Jeff Tacker captured the interest of a national radio audience during his appearance that same morning on the Dave Nemo Radio Show, which is heard on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146.

Jeff Tacker At Accelerate

Jeff Tacker was a guest of the Dave Nemo Show during RadioNemo’s coverage of the Accelerate Conference. The Success In Truck Podcast brings you a replay of Jeff’s conversation with Jimmy Mac and Lindsay Lawler.

Jeff, who is the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President for ES, had been invited to join RadioNemo’s Jimmy Mac and Lindsay Lawler for the Nemo’s Show on-site coverage from Accelerate. Jeff had the opportunity to provide an overview of the program, including the financing and support that is available from ES for the participants.

If you would like to learn more about the Women-Owned Business Initiative from ES, please visit our Women In Trucking page. If you’re ready to take the first step in making your path to ownership a reality, please call us at (877) 349-9303, option 4 or connect with us online now.

Expediter Services Celebrates Milestone & Announces Expansion of Women-Owned Business Initiative

November 15, 2022

During a presentation at the Women In Trucking Association’s Accelerate! Conference, Expediter Services Co-Founder & CEO Jason Williams announced that ES would be expanding the company’s program focused on assisting women in starting or expanding small businesses in the trucking industry.

Women In Trucking

DALLAS, Tex. – November 15, 2022 – Expediter Services (ES), a leader in capacity solutions and ownership opportunities within the trucking industry, announced that the company has met its goal of creating and growing 150 women-owned businesses and is expanding the initiative to continue to finance and support women-owned businesses in the transportation industry. ES Co-Founder & CEO Jason Williams made the announcement during the Tuesday morning session of the Women In Trucking Association’s annual Accelerate! Conference being held in Dallas.

First announced at the 2017 Accelerate! Conference as a collaborative initiative between ES and the Women In Trucking Association (WIT), the 150 Business Challenge became a proven platform for the creation and expansion of women-owned businesses in trucking by utilizing the ES Path To Ownership program model as well as the support and resources available to members of the ES Community. In August 2022, the program reached its goal of 150 women-owned businesses assisted and the challenge had been achieved.

“From the time that we launched Expediter Services in 2006, part of our mission has always been to work with professional drivers who want to pursue the American Dream of owning their own business. Over the years, we have worked to create programs and support systems through our ES Community that are designed to level the playing field for anyone who has the desire and the commitment to start and operate their own trucking business,” said Williams.

“From the first time I met with the team at ES, it was clear to me that promoting diversity is in the DNA of ES. Creating opportunities that can empower women to become truck owners and start businesses in the trucking industry is part of what ES does, and that commitment is great for our industry,” said Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association.

As part of the program, ES offers participants competitive market-rate financing via the relationship lending model established through ES Equipment Finance. With the completion of the initial 150 Business Challenge and the decision to continue this effort through the Women-Owned Business Initiative, company leadership notes that ES has made an overall commitment of over $40 million to this program.

“The success of the 150 Business Challenge served as a great platform that further proved that women can be successful as business owners in trucking,” said Voie. “We applaud ES and the carriers in the ES Community for their continued commitment to this important program, and we are excited to see where ES can take this initiative as they continue to promote opportunities for women in the future.”

The program is designed to have the participants run under the authority of the motor carriers participating in the program through the ES Community. Truck ownership is typically achieved over a four-year period with an affordable payment plan and with program participants receiving consistent miles from the participating carriers as well as business support from the ES Team.

Forward Air, FedEx Custom Critical and Panther Premium Logistics (a service of ArcBest) were the first carriers within the ES Community to utilize the non-asset capacity being generated by the 150 Business Challenge. The program provides strong benefits for the participating carriers – offering them non-asset capacity committed to their respective fleets. These new women-owned businesses on wheels feature the ability to generate strong and consistent revenues, and this is especially true for team operations.

“We know there is more work to be done in opening the doors of business ownership for women in the trucking industry. This is why we are continuing the important work started through the 150 Business Challenge under our new ES Women-Owned Business Initiative. As always, we want to continue to be a trusted resource for making truck ownership and business creation opportunities for trucking professionals and for those people who are thinking about entering the industry,” said Williams.

ES has a landing page on the company’s website that details their commitment to assist in the creation of women-owned businesses available through the following link: Testimonials from program participants is one of the features of the landing page.

 “ES made it so easy for us. We came to their offices, signed the paperwork, got the truck and started rolling,” explained Colleen Umbehant, who entered the program in 2018. “That truck is exactly what we needed for our business. We’ve really been able to put our truck to work and I can’t say enough about the support that we have received from Panther and ES.”

“I made my final truck payment in May of this year, and it’s amazing to think that I now own this truck,” added Umbehant. “It has served us well and we do everything we can to take good care of it. One of things that has made a difference for me is that ES has always treated me like a business partner. They laid everything out for me from the beginning. Everything they told me was true and they have always stood behind what they said. Looking back on my experience with ES and their truck ownership program, I would highly recommend it for any woman or man who wants to start out on their own with their own truck. It was definitely the right move for me and my business.”

About ES: A full-service, one-stop support company with expertise in financial services, financial technology, relationship lending and general business support, ES has developed highly effective programs focused on creating opportunities for independent contract drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners in the trucking industry (including the Expedited, LTL, and TL sectors). ES features support in the areas of contract driver services, equipment financing and leasing, truck sales, management services, insurance services, and discount programs. In addition to serving as the leading provider of capacity in the expedited sector of trucking, ES also has built a strong network of independent contract drivers, owner-operators, fleet owners and partner carriers within the over-the-road, general trucking sector of the transportation industry and is quickly becoming a market leader. For more information on opportunities and services offered through ES, visit

Programs and Services From ES Featured In North America Outlook Magazine

October 19, 2022

Jason Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Expediter Services, was interviewed and the company featured in the North America Outlook Magazine. The article explores the core business values of ES as well as new initiatives from the company. The article also discusses the history and future of ES and how ES is well positioned to help our ES Community members to shine in times of uncertainty. The interview with Jason looks into the work that ES has done to champion the growth women-owned businesses in transportation as well as the importance of partnerships to the success of ES and the ES Community in the transportation industry.

Click here to learn more about growing your trucking business or call the ES team at (877) 349-9303.

Growth of ES Community & Programs Offered By ES Highlighted In North American Outlook Magazine

October 18, 2022

Expediter Services and the ES Community earned national recognition through an extensive feature article in the current issue of North American Outlook Magazine. The publication specializes in profiles that showcase success stories across North America with exclusive, in-depth interviews with executives at prominent companies across a full spectrum of industries. North American Outlook strives to provide its readers with the kind of knowledge and insights that detail how industry leaders and their businesses are responding to the latest trends in their sector.

Jason Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Expediter Services, participated in a question-and-answer session that served as the foundation for the feature presentation in North American Outlook. The article, which covered six pages in the magazine, explores the core business values of ES as well as new initiatives from the company.

The North American Outlook feature also discusses the history and future of ES and how ES is well positioned to help our ES Community members to shine in times of uncertainty. One of the many highlights of the expansive interview with Jason spotlights the work that ES has done to champion the growth of women-owned businesses in transportation as well as the importance of partnerships to the success of ES and the ES Community in the transportation industry.

If you’re interested in a partnership that can take your business to the next level, click here to connect with us or reach out to the ES team at (877) 349-9303. ES is a one-stop support company with expertise in financial services and technology, relationship lending, and general business support.

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